Currently – October 2021

Currently – October 2021

Hooray for the Currently linkup! Anne suggests a list of prompts each month and invites us to respond by sharing what we’re CURRENTLY up to. Here’s what *I* am CURRENTLY borrowing, buying, planning, prepping, and reading! I’m eager to read how my bloggy friends respond!

borrowing: my husband’s sweatpants now that we’re having slightly cooler temperatures. Perhaps I should get some of my own? He’d probably appreciate that. I should do that before our upcoming camping trip. Can you recommend any affordable ones for curvy women?

buying: treats from Trader Joe’s. My latest faves are Bamba and Dark Chocolate Orange Sticks. Bamba are….well…think puffy Cheetos but with peanut butter flavor instead! They’re hugely popular in Israel, and we are SUPER thankful that Trader Joe’s carries them! Our years in England led me to a love for orange and chocolate together. These little sticks from Trader Joe’s pack big flavor in small pieces. A serving, five pieces, sets you back only 120 calories and completely satisfies my afternoon sweets craving. (But don’t leave them in your car on a hot day. #askmehowiknow #dontask)

planning: the rest of my year with the help of The Holiday Docket by Kendra Adachi, The Lazy Genius.  It’s helping me assess which events/activities are most important, and then sorting my calendar and to do lists out from there.  Kendra is good stuff!  Check out her book The Lazy Genius Way too.  I’m reading it again since I’m trying to get my post-Covid (kind of ) act together.

prepping: for our upcoming camping trip. We’re headed up to the Charlotte, North Carolina area for some much needed rest time…and a hike or two, of course. Today I hope to research some hiking trails and create our meal plan. Oh! And most importantly, I shall choose which books to pack!

reading: the New Testament! I started The Bible Recap reading plan and podcast on January 1 of this year, and we just finished the Old Testament and rolled into the New!!! WOW! Between traveling to Israel earlier this year and now having all that Old Testament knowledge, the stories of Jesus are hitting like never before! (You can start The Bible Recap ANYTIME! Go HERE for the whole scoop. You could start now with the New Testament if you’d like.)

What are YOU currently up to? How would you reply to the prompts? Leave a comment below or link up at In Residence. It’s fun to see the different responses!

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2 thoughts on “Currently – October 2021

  1. I love to hear what you are borrowing, buying, planning, prepping, and reading! Hmm… I’m borrowing wisdom from my friends, buying treats for friends (😉), planning work projects, prepping surfaces for painting, and reading (with my ears) my last Gamasche book!

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