The Great Southern Killarney Hotel

The Great Southern Killarney Hotel

Before we move on to The Ring of Kerry, I wanted to tell you about our beautiful hotel in Killarney, Ireland. Latitude Travel booked all of our hotels for us, and this one was quite a treat! We stayed at the Great Southern Killarney for two nights, and we highly recommend it!

The Great Southern sits on six acres of gardens nestled between the train station, downtown Killarney, and the Killarney National Park, Location, location, location! This hotel was built in 1854 and has retained all of its Victorian charm. Our previous hotels had been more than sufficient, but we enjoyed every moment in the oh-so-posh Great Southern! We loved being able to walk to dinner; SO many options nearby.

Quite the lobby, isn’t it!
Those spindles!
I absolutely LOVED this sun room! Gold/mustard is one of my favorite colors. I took 10 minutes here to journal. I wish I’d had more time, but we had places to go!
This ENORMOUS basket held the wood for the fireplace by the front door of the hotel.
Breakfast was served in the Garden Room. I mean!!! Wow!
The light was incredible, and the whole room was sooooo peaceful!
A Full Irish Breakfast, but make it fancy!
Breakfast ALSO included a whole buffet of delicious food! (Photos below. Not pictured is the meat and cheese table.)
The bread table.
The fruit table. I loved how they used the drawer!
The honey table. Note the honeycomb!
I changed things up one morning and opted for sourdough toast with avocado and hummus and sweet potato patties. SO GOOD! (I ate veggies every chance I could to balance all those chocolate croissants!)
I still miss my chocolate croissants for breakfast! We ate them every single day of our two-week trip.

We stayed in a Classic Room. It was larger than some of the others we stayed in, and we appreciated the extra space.

Most hotels in Europe (based on our own experience) don’t have washcloths, so these were a special treat! (We brought disposable washcloths with us.)
One fun note to close this post: This was our first USB charging port of the trip! We had plenty of charging cords and converters with us, but we both laughed and cheered when we saw this!

Every single Great Southern KIllarney employee we spoke with or just passed in the hallway was kind and helpful. This hotel’s attitude of hospitality impressed us over and over again.

Next post: Our drive on The Ring of Kerry! Would you be shocked if I told you the road was very narrow?!?

Thanks for stopping by! If you missed some of the previous posts about this trip, you can find them HERE.

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  1. Wowzers! What a treat! (The only hotel that had washcloths on our latest trip was in the two Hiltons we stayed in!) So posh and fancy -*and* historical!

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