Currently – April 2017

Currently – April 2017

I am currently…

Accomplishing:  unpacking some boxes.  We’ve been in our house two and half years!  Oy!  Some of boxes are full of decorating-type things that I didn’t use when we first moved in.  Now I have the itch to change things up, so it’s a good time to sort through those items.  Other boxes are full of stuff we dragged from house to house during our Air Force career.  I need to just.  get.  rid.  of.  them.

Feeling:  excited!  We’re getting ready for our trip to Alaska!  I’ll be working three homeschool conventions, and then I’ll get to see our son who lives up there!  My husband and daughter will fly up after the conventions, and we’ll all be together for a few days of family vacation!  “Excited” doesn’t begin to cover it!

Needing:  not a blessed thing.  Truly.  What am I wanting?  Another camping trip before it gets hot.  Some kayaking time this weekend.  And I’d kind of like to get a really nice pair of sunglasses but just can’t bear paying for them!  I’m all about quality eye wear when it comes to glasses and contacts, but it’s HARD to spend a lot on sunglasses.  On the other hand I’d love a pair of sunglasses that fit well and last more than 2 months.  Do you sense my struggle with this?!?




Practicing:  my fashion skills by doing the Get Your Pretty On (GYPO) Spring Style Challenge.  I first did the GYPO challenges in 2015.  They taught me how to shop wisely and how to style a TON of outfits with a wisely curated closet.  I gained confidence in knowing how to dress my 40-something year old self and look age appropriate AND trendy!  It’s SO nice to just feel…pretty!  I jumped back in this spring for a fun refresher and for the positive, encouraging camaraderie of the challenge’s private Facebook group.  I’ve already made some new friends!

Pinning: these brownies!  Oh my word, y’all!  Deep Chocolate Brownies with Chevre Swirls!  Make them.  Now.  You’re welcome.  I used part goat cheese (chevre) and part cream cheese because my husband isn’t a fan of goat cheese.  He LOVED these brownies!


I’m also working on my Springtime Fun List!  Pop over HERE to see what I’m hoping to do this spring.  I’ll post an official update on my progress later this month.

Now it’s time to hop over to In Residence and Jess Gets Dressed Sometimes to see what they–and a lot of other lovely ladies–are currently accomplishing, feeling, needing, practicing, and pinning!  Woohoo!  I LOVE THIS LINK-UP!

What are YOUR answers to these currently topics?!?  Please share below!  I love chatting!  #extrovertmuch #yes #talktome

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7 thoughts on “Currently – April 2017

  1. That trip sounds amazing! I’d love to get to Alaska someday, and even better that you get to see family out of it. And I love your striped blazer! Fun pattern mixing there.

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by, Anne! (I’m really jealous of the E on your Anne, by the way.) Hooray for travel AND for pattern mixing! 🙂

  2. I couldn’t come up with a darn thing I need either. I have too much. So fortunate.
    I thought I would jump into the spring challenge but haven’t even gone shopping yet. Did order a floral bomber online. You are looking so youthful and springy and feminine in your outfits. Love the bold floral with the yellow underneath.
    Splurge (a little) on some sunglasses. As soon as I bought something more than a cheap Walmart pair, I began wearing them all the time…better the eyes. Get a pair you love and take them on vacay. You will be glad you did.

    1. It’s never too late to jump into the challenge! AND we usually do it again after it ends! Thanks for your sweet words about my outfits! Ah, sunglasses. I DID decide to splurge and get them! Now to not scratch them or lose them!

  3. Have you ever thought about checking out Warby Parker for sunglasses? I’m not sure if you’re a prescription glasses wearer, but I am and maybe 5 or 6 years ago I finally broke down and spent money on a good pair of prescription sunglasses and they were quite possibly my best purchase. I’m on the hunt for new glasses and may go with Warby Parker, but while I was on their site I found some sunglasses too that left me feeling like a fresh pair may be needed!

    Your trip to Alaska sounds so fun! I hope you guys have a great time!!

    1. Hi, Jess! I wear contacts most of the time,so I *can* get by with cheaper sunglasses. BUT, since I know what it is to wear glasses, I expect my sunglasses to fit like a quality pair of eyeglasses! Therein lies the rub! It takes money to get those! I decided to go ahead and splurge and get them because I really do think it’s important to take care of my eyes (and be comfortable doing it). I’ll scope out Warby Parker! Thanks for the suggestion. And thanks for stopping by and taking the time to leave a comment!

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