Springerize Your Wardrobe

Springerize Your Wardrobe

Spring is officially here, and I’m pretty excited about it!  Autumn fashion rocks my world.  It rocks my world for MONTHS since I live in Coastal Georgia.  (No winter here!)

Now it’s time to change things up.  We’ll have highs in the 80s all week, so it’s DEFINITELY time to change things up in a springtime direction!

My spring wardrobe could benefit from just a little updating.  Know what I mean?  I finally got a good handle on my wardrobe a couple of years ago with the Get Your Pretty On Style Challenges.  I learned how to shop wisely and how to put together multiple outfits from just a few pieces of clothing.  And it was FUN, y’all!  The women in the challenges’ Facebook groups cheered me on, gave me kind advice (only when I asked for it!), and gave me some new friends in real life!

Here are some of my outfits from the 2015 Spring Style Challenge.

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The 2017 GYPO Spring Style Challenge just opened, and I’m going to do it!  Anybody want to do it with me?!?  The challenge costs $39, and we get a LOT for our money!  (For starters we get the 2017 AND the 2016 Spring Style Challenge!  That’s a LOT of outfits!)  Click HERE to get the whole scoop!  Be sure to scroll down that page to see ALL that we’ll get.

The basic idea of the style challenge:  We’re given a shopping list of springtime essentials, and–here’s the important bit–we shop our closet first!  We see what we have already and then shop for only the items we need.  We’re also given 21 days of outfits, and everyone styles the “assigned” outfit on each day.  We visit the private Facebook group to post a picture of our outfit of the day (if you want to) and to see how others styled it.

I’m always amazed at how we can all style the same outfit differently based on what we have (maybe we substitute an item), our body types, and preferred colors!  SO MUCH FUN!

You don’t have to buy all the items on the list.  You shop wherever you want to shop.  You get a TON of great outfit ideas!

Here’s the link again!  Check it out and see what you think!  (This link IS an affiliate link.  I will make a small commission if you purchase the challenge.)

Questions?  Leave a comment and I’ll be happy to reply!


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4 thoughts on “Springerize Your Wardrobe

  1. Oh, you make doing the spring challenge so tempting. Let me think about it.
    Your 2015 spring outfits are just darling. That coral-y cardi!!! Oh, yes! That color is YOU. Fun pattern mixing. Really cute pieces. Ok, you talked me into it. I will join. And then maybe we can do some posts together???

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