Quick Travel Tip

Quick Travel Tip

I spent last week in Denver, Colorado at a sales conference for my contracting job, and I flew home yesterday.  Yesterday, as in the Saturday of the “Snowmageddon 2016” weekend!  The good news is God (via Delta) got me home safe and sound!  I was mentally exhausted from all the changes and delays and trying to stay half a step ahead of getting stranded, but I was HOME!  (And my sweet husband and daughter picked me up at the airport and whisked me straight to Five Guys for much-needed sustenance!)

Years ago I learned a valuable travel tip, and I thought I’d share it with you today.  It sure helped me out yesterday!

Always travel with a water bottle of some sort!

Of course it will have to be empty as you arrive at the airport and go through security, but AFTER you get through security you can hit a water fountain and hydrate, hydrate, hydrate before beginning your flight.  (You’ve been working on hydrating for a couple of days before flying, right?  Right.)

If you can remember to do this one thing you will no longer be at the mercy of airport shop prices to get something to drink!

I travel with my trusty Tervis, a Mother’s Day gift from a few years back.  And LOOK!  My carry-on has a cute, zip-open pouch to carry it for me!



I still had to pay high prices for food to eat while hanging out at Denver international and to carry on board the flight with me, but I didn’t have to buy a pricey drink to wash it down!

I’ll be sharing more travel tips and travel experiences here in the future, so please stick around!

Do YOU travel with a water bottle?


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