What’s in My Purse?

What’s in My Purse?

The next item on my list is to share what’s in my purse.  I’m actually pretty happy with the state of my purse these days, so this was a fun post to put together!


A while back I started using these little zipper pouches to keep all my stuff collected and organized.  The pink one has lipstick and lip gloss, the clear one has charging cords, and the purple one has first aid type stuff in it.  These save SO much time when I need to grab something quickly out of my purse!

Also show in the picture is a tube of Airborne vitamin supplements that I took on my recent trip to Denver.  I like to take those when I’m flying.  I try not to think too much about the recycled air and germs on airplanes, so/but I feel a little better about it if I’m taking these!

Then we have the prerequisite pack of Kleenex and my beloved iPhone!


It deserves a photo all by its cute self!  I just upgraded to the iPhone 6s Plus, and I love it!  And it’s PINK!  Not icky pink.  No.  A beautiful pink with a crazy beautiful cover that lets me SEE the pink!  Yep.  I’m a bit besotted!

What else.  Let’s see.


I have my sunglasses, and I have my eyeglasses (in case my contacts give up the ghost while I’m at the Gaelic Storm concert tonight).  And of course I have my Sharpie!  One never knows when one might need a Sharpie.  Also an oolong tea bag (I’m not sure why), a pack of gum, some packets of Gentle Sweet, and a way-too-big bottle of acetaminophen.


And last but not least, my purse holds my wallet and my keys.  Those are kind of important!

Let’s hear from YOU!  Do YOU carry a Sharpie in your purse?  Oolong tea?!?  Do tell!



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2 thoughts on “What’s in My Purse?

  1. Yes! I do have a Sharpie in my purse. It has come in handy many times. I don’t have tea, but I do have packets of Stevia sweetener. Amongst many other things, I usually have a (usually more than one) paperclip in my purse. The MANY “emergency” uses of a paperclip are too numerous to list.

    1. I’m glad I’m not the only one who carries a Sharpie! Perhaps that comes from so many years of getting to the post office to mail boxes and then noticing I forgot to address them before leaving the house! I’m thinking I need to add a few paper clips to one of my zippy bags!

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