Terrific Tuesday!

Terrific Tuesday!

I look forward to Tuesdays because that’s when Anne Bogel’s What Should I Read Next? podcast broadcasts.  Always a happy occasion!  I love all things Modern Mrs. Darcy!  I totally blame Anne/Modern Mrs. Darcy for the current state of my To Be Read list.


BUT!  THIS Tuesday is extra terrific because Louise Penny‘s newest book releases today!  I’ve talked about how much I love the Chief Inspector Gamache books here and here, so you can understand how happy I am to get my hands on the newest book in the series, A Great Reckoning.

I’m drawn to these mysteries for several reasons:

The author delves deep into the psychology of the characters. She allows us to see the good, the ugly, the deeply hidden fears and struggles.

The cadence of her writing is exquisite. I frequently stop and retread passages because they’re so beautiful. They just FEEL good, right.

I like that Ms. Penny doesn’t feel obligated to spell out every single nuance.  She ALLOWS nuance.  She beautifully leads me to her point and the trusts that I’m smart enough to make the last step or two by myself.

I can’t get over the deep love the characters have for each other.  They’re none of them perfect, and/but they display incredible grace and forgiveness, even–maybe especially–when it’s hard to do.  I love these people!

I highly recommend reading this series beginning with Book 1, Still Life.  There IS profanity, and I could do without that.  A good bit of it is said in jest, and a good bit is in French, so that helps!  I don’t make a habit of reading books with profanity, but I’ve decided that the merit of these books warrants reading  (and re-reading) them.

I’ve missed Three Pines and all my friends there!  If you need me today, I’ll be the one snuggled down with a pitcher of tea, some snacks, and my Kindle!

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(Bonus points to Louise Penny for providing pronunciation helps for those of us who aren’t so great at French!)

Do YOU love the Chief Inspector Gamache books as much as I do?  Or is there another author/series for which you’re anxiously awaiting a new book?  Leave a comment and let me know!

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