Waterford, Ireland (Kilfarrasy Beach)

Waterford, Ireland (Kilfarrasy Beach)

I teased you up for these photos on my last post! After a full day in Waterford, we decided to go on an adventure to Kilfarrasy Beach in Waterford County. (We chatted with the staff of King of the Vikings after our virtual reality tour of viking history, and our viking guide encouraged us to go see this beach.)

You guys! The drive out there took us across many, many cow pastures, along very narrow roads, on and on! I thought surely our mapping system was just messing with us, but nope! We finally spotted the ocean and the parking area…on the top of a cliff…with this sign!

We arrived around 9 PM, golden hour for this time of year. And this is what we saw!

Yep, that’s an arch there, just to the right of the middle of the photo.

The best way I can describe this beach is otherworldly! From what I’ve read, some of the rock is volcanic, and some is sedimentary. I know it’s like nothing I’ve seen before! (Surely not like Georgia’s flat, white sand beaches!) Kilfarrasy Beach is one of the geo sites in the UNESCO Copper Coast Geo Park. The geology is THAT unique! It’s been affected by tectonic events, glaciers, and, of course, the ocean.

Hardly anyone was there; just a few people walking their dogs. It was so quiet and peaceful! And a touch creepy, if I’m honest! Parts of it look like they’re from another planet! (Spoiler alert: This was only the first time nature kind of creeped me out on this trip!)

Just before we left, we attempted to take a few last selfies in the beautiful light. I thought we were the only ones left on the beach, but a lady and her dog appeared out of nowhere, and she kindly offered to get some shots of us! I’m SO grateful! I’ll treasure them as a special memory of a special hour of our trip!

This was a special, unplanned adventure, and we’re so glad we took a chance on it!

Next up: The day that didn’t go QUITE as planned!

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6 thoughts on “Waterford, Ireland (Kilfarrasy Beach)

    1. ABSOLUTELY!!! One thing I learned on this trip (hello, Iceland!) is that nature/landforms can make me uncomfortable AND be beautiful at the same time!

    1. Thank you for reading my stories! I’m so glad you’re here! That beach still amazes me. I’ve enjoyed staring at the photos and remembering.

  1. Oh, these kinds of surprises are the best. Sounds like the drive out to this magnificent beach was just as special. I think green, rolling hills and fluffy white sheep are what I think of first when I think of Ireland.

    Kilfarrasy looks like a set out of Game of Thrones or one of the Tolkien books. Love that it is so secluded and that out of nowhere that kind lady appeared to take your picture. Very magical!! And great shot of you two love birds.

  2. You know how I feel about beaches! If there’s one around, I’m going to want to see it! This one looks so special. I’m taking notes for our (sometime in the future) trip to Ireland! So glad you decided to go for it! What a special memory!

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