Currently – January 2022

Currently – January 2022

Well, hello there! Life got a little crazy there for a while, but I’m back and itching to share cool things and fun stories with you! We’ll start off with Currently, always a favorite of mine. Anne from In Residence shares five prompts, and we all respond to them. I always enjoy reading other folks’ takes on the prompts! This month’s prompts are: anticipating, organizing, reading, resolving, and scheduling. My friend Leslie over at Once Upon a Time and Happily Ever After will be thrilled because the prompts are in alphabetical order this month! (Yes, it’s a thing for Leslie!)



anticipating: 2022! What will THIS year bring??? I know, I know. Maybe it’s better not to ask, huh! I’m still kind of excited about a fresh start. I’m also anticipating a great Bible study with my D-Group! I’ve never done a study with D-Group before, and I’m excited to experience it. We’ve had our introductory session, and it was wonderful! You can check out D-Group HERE. I’ll report back and let you know how it goes!

organizing: my time. I have lots of things I want and need to do, but I’m having trouble with the actual doing. Stay tuned to see if I get a handle on my schedule!

reading: the last few days of The Bible Recap. This is a fabulous podcast for reading through the Bible in a year. The focus is on looking for God and for His character. Each day has an assigned reading, and then the podcast provides a short overview of what you read. I’ve learned SO much this year! And I enjoyed it! I got a little behind, so I didn’t finish in exactly a year, but I’m finishing! And then I’m going to start all over again! (If podcasts aren’t your thing, you can order The Bible Recap book by Tara-Leigh Cobble and use it instead.)

resolving: all the things! After several years of not making New Year resolutions, I have quite a list this year. They include getting stronger, eating more nutritious foods, and blogging more consistently. Some of the items are cliche, I know, but they’re truly important to me, and I want to work toward those goals.

scheduling: January in my new bullet journal. Last year was so…odd…that I didn’t utilize my bullet journal the way I like to. It feels good to tuck back in this month and to have such a beautiful book! Do you use a bujo? If you’re just getting started, I highly recommend taking advice from Modern Mrs. Darcy! You can read her tips HERE and HERE. In case you’re curious, I bought my new bujo from The Bookshelf.

What are YOU currently anticipating, organizing, reading, resolving, and scheduling??? Drop a comment below and let me know! Thanks for stopping by Out and Back! I’m glad you’re here!

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6 thoughts on “Currently – January 2022

  1. I live hearing your take on the prompts! Yes to getting organized! Yes to setting some goals, or focus points, or whatever people like to call them! I need to get mine down, too!

  2. Thanks for the mention, I was so tickled to read that!! Yes, to ABC order, all day long!!
    I feel like I was all over the place in 2021. Hope this year will be kinder and gentler and allow for more ME time. But that’s what I said last year, too!! Ha!!
    Hope you will blog more. I miss your voice.
    Looked in the D group but nothing ’round these parts. El Paso doesn’t even show on the map. I am doing a 52 week prayer journal right now but got off track for a few weeks. Hope to be more consistent this year.

    Happy New Year, sweet friend. XO

  3. I find I do better with monthly goals rather than yearly resolutions. Also, it doesn’t matter if your resolutions are “cliche,” if they are important to you, then they are worth it.

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