Israel 2021 – The Food

Israel 2021 – The Food

At the end of the previous Israel post, we had arrived at our hotel, Herod’s, in Herzliya which is right on the Mediterranean Sea! This beautiful marina was just across the street.

Pretty, right?!?

But the food at this hotel was GORGEOUS! Here are some photos of the dinner buffet.

Roasted veggies.

And check out the breakfast buffet!

Yoghurts, cheeses, and sauces.
Fish! Yes, for breakfast!
The colors!!! Dried and fresh fruits.
Yummy cheesecakes and other sweets.

I enjoyed all the roasted vegetables and salads at both breakfast and dinner. (I eat veggies for breakfast at home too. Do you?)

Fun fact: Our hotels kept everything Kosher, so dairy was served at breakfast but not at dinner. We missed pork, especially at breakfast, but they DID serve CHEESECAKE for breakfast! That totally worked for me!

No, we didn’t know what everything was. That’s part of the fun when you’re traveling!

We usually ate breakfast and dinner at our hotels, and we grabbed a quick lunch each day at small restaurants while we were out and about. I’ll share a couple of those with you later. #falafel #lotsoffalafel #SOGOOD

Next up, Caesarea and Megiddo. Get ready for some fascinating history!

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2 thoughts on “Israel 2021 – The Food

  1. Yes the food! And yes to #somuchfalafel! And shawarma! I loved eating cucumbers and hummus and feta at breakfast! Not my usual…

  2. How positively scrumptious!! All the colors and textures and flavors, sweet and savory. I am sure every meal was a treat. I have never forgotten the breakfasts we enjoyed in Germany on vacation a few years ago. And the breakfasts I used to eat in Panama when we were stationed there. Nothing like the cold cereal and milk we eat here in the States. Thank you for sharing!!

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