Currently – September 2021

Currently – September 2021

I’m sharing what I’m CURRENTLY up to following prompts given by Anne at In Residence. September’s prompts are: beginning, ending, loving, picking, and posting. Let’s do this!!! I am CURRENTLY…

beginning: my Christmas shopping. I loving buying gifts for family and friends, and I love having it wrapped up (no pun intended!) by Thanksgiving so I can rest, enjoy the whole season, and focus on Advent. Between all that and the ongoing shipping delays we’re dealing with, autumn shopping seems like a perfect plan.

ending: the live theater drought…hopefully! We’ve purchased season tickets for the Broadway shows coming to Jacksonville, Florida, and the lineup is AMAZING! We’ve marked our calendars, reserved our parking spot, and are hoping hoping hoping Covid will just chill out already so we can see our shows. First up: HAMILTON!!!

Here’s a similar item available on Amazon. (Not an affiliate link!) Click HERE.

loving: date syrup. We bought this bottle in Israel last month, and it’s the perfect touch of sweetness in my homemade pumpkin spice lattes! (Yes, I’m making PSLs already. It’s okay! It’s already autumn in my world!)

picking: photos from our Israel trip to share with you! Between the photos we took and the shots from our tour’s professional photographer, Richard Van De Water, there are MANY to choose from! I don’t want to bore you guys to death by oversharing, but honestly, I could talk about the trip for days. Come back tomorrow to read how the whole thing came about! (Travel to Israel during a pandemic?!? God worked it out!)

When you’re done picking apples in Flat Rock, North Carolina, head over to the Carl Sandburg Home for some great walking/hiking!

posting: autumn travel tips for some of our favorite places in Georgia and North Carolina. I’ll work those in to give you a break from Israel stuff! It’s time to head to the mountains and enjoy cooler (please, please!) temperatures and fresh apple cider!

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Thanks for stopping by! What’s your favorite prompt? How would YOU answer it? Please share your answer with me by leaving a comment below! I’d love to read it!

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8 thoughts on “Currently – September 2021

  1. I need to hear more about these Broadway shows! What are the others? And what venue? It sounds like a possibility for us here in SW GA!

    And am I right…you will never read your Bible the same again after a trip to the Holy Land! ✝️

    1. Hey, Mary Jane! This is the Broadway series at the Times-Union Center in Jacksonville, Florida. The shows are Dear Evan Hanson, Fiddler on the Roof, Cats, Come from Away, Anastasia, and Hamilton. WOW, huh?!? And YES!!! Reading my Bible has NOT been the same since going to Israel! Still can’t believe we were there!

  2. I like to have all my gifts bought and wrapped by Thanksgiving too! I haven’t started yet but I have started writing up lists and ideas.

    1. I need to make my list this weekend! I snagged a couple of things on impulse, but I need to get a plan together before I buy too much! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Date syrup? I have never heard of it. I’ve heard of sweetening with dates – but no the syrup. Very interesting:)

    1. It’s just mushed up dates! Makes them thin like syrup, a little thinner than honey. It has lots of vitamins, minerals, and fiber. AND it’s tasty! Win Win Win!!!

  4. I just recently discovered date soup and still looking for uses. Ill ry the PSL. Also how fun to have travels to Israel. I have been there 3 times in the 90s but it must have changed a lot in the past decades (say what!) Ill go see if your post is already up.

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