Autumn Adventures 2021 – September

Autumn Adventures 2021 – September

AUTUMN IS HEEEEEEERE!!!! Hooray! High temperatures here in Savannah, Georgia are staying under 90 degrees, so that’s a sure sign of autumn! We’ll take it! And we’ll dream of cooler days to come!

I’m linking up with Leslie to share my list of autumn adventures! Here’s what I hope to do during September, October, and November:

Give blood: I scheduled an appointment for last month, but the site had to close early. Later this week I’ll go to my local Red Cross Donation Center and give a Power Red donation.

My beautiful mom! We enjoyed a great day together in one of my favorite places!

Spend a day in my beloved Thomasville, Georgia: DONE! I treated my mom to a day in Thomasville as a special treat for her birthday. (My goal these days is to give gifts that don’t have to be dusted.) She’s now as big a fan of Thomasville as I am! We shopped at Firefly and The Bookshelf. We ate hushpuppies and seafood at Jonah’s, snagged some caffeine at Grassroots Coffee, and strolled our way through a slew of shops in the downtown area. Thomasville, as a result of years of hard work, is a magical place! I appreciate how the businesses display a spirit of respect for and cooperation with each other. It’s just a joy in every aspect!

Camping: Since summer is (technically) over and temps are dropping (kind of), we can enjoy more time outdoors. We’ve planned camping trips to Charlotte, North Carolina and Callaway Gardens, Georgia. We’re eager to get back out there and hopefully catch some autumn color!

Theater: We have tickets to see Hamilton and Fiddler on the Roof!!! And we are hoping and praying that Covid doesn’t get in the way! We are SO READY for live theater again! Cross all your fingers and toes, and I’ll let you know how it goes!

Organizing: I’m determined to find a way to better organize my daily work area. Golly, it’s been a struggle!

You guys, that’s BACON CARAMEL!!! Riffing off this recipe.

Baking: What is it about autumn and baking?!? Goodness gracious! I want to do ALL THE BAKING! I’ll keep you posted on my baking adventures and maybe even some savory stuff too.

Israel Trip 2021: Stay tuned for more stories from our trip to Israel! I’ve already shared three posts about the trip we made this summer, and I’m excited to share more about the amazing things we saw and learned!

What are YOU up to this autumn?!?

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8 thoughts on “Autumn Adventures 2021 – September

  1. Yea for cooler temps! Your fall plans sound delightful. This season, I am building a bucket list by borrowing ideas from other blogger’s lists. I’m thinking I’ll take go to the theater and baking from yours, if you don’t mind. Thank you for the inspiration. Happy fall!

  2. I hope you popped into Ally B while you were in TVL (2 doors down from Grassroots). I’m working there now! What fun it is to work downtown and SEE people! It’s a cute boutique with trendy clothes and great gifts. We’re also online, too. I still can’t believe you visited when Julie and I were on our trip!

  3. Fiddler on the Roof? Oh, my gravy. One of my all-time faves. Just a little jealous!! Hope you will share lots of photos. Or maybe you won’t be able to in the theater. In that case, we will need lots of details!!

    What a wonderful birthday gift to your mom…the gift of time and memories. I bet she was in pig heaven. She is a cutie pie.

    Glad you will be able to get back to camping now that it is cooler. I sure would like to camp. Spent a couple of hours last night trying to find somewhere close where we could rent an RV or camper for a weekend. No luck.

    You introduced me to King Arthur baking. Can’t wait to see what you bake this season.

    Thanks so much for joining me.

  4. I love the cooler temps of fall too (though for us that’s weather in the 60’s & 70’s). Sounds like you have some great fall plans. I love live shows but we rarely think to search for tickets– we have no real local theaters but it’s a treat to make a day trip out of it,

  5. Great list! We are in the PNW so no more high temps here,,getting cold and rainy! There’s a show coming to Portland (oregon) in November Van Gogh Immersive Experience that I’d love to go to.

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