Currently – May 2021

Currently – May 2021

It’s time to link up with Anne at In Residence for this month’s Currently prompts! Here are MY responses to the prompts. How would YOU reply?!?


consuming: less food! I’ve been using the Noom program for a couple of months now. Its food log tool (especially the visuals) has been eye-opening and incredibly helpful. (Here’s my affiliate link if you want to scope the program out. I highly recommend it!)

exploring: the Biltmore rooftop! We recently camped near Asheville, North Carolina and enjoyed another couple of days on the Biltmore estate. We splurged on the rooftop tour this time. It was fascinating!!!

getting: great food in Canton, North Carolina. We camped at the Asheville West KOA and ducked into nearby Canton for dinner at Southern Porch. We savored the atmosphere in the bar area AND the Collard Bacon Dip! (Don’t miss that!) It’s served with crunchy, delicious, homemade flour tortilla chips.

Bonus tip: Hit Papertown Coffee for your morning espresso needs. They offer goodies like quiche and croissants from local bakeries, so you’ll need to snag a couple of those too. Their powerful app makes ordering a breeze!

hoping: my clothes will fit better this summer! I’m down a little over 10 pounds so far. That should help, right??? (Yes, I do recognize the irony of this following talk of amazing food! The cool thing is that Noom helps me keep a good balance, even when traveling and eating out!)

seeing: ads for live theater productions!!! TAKE ALL MY MONEY!!!

Be sure to pop over to In Residence to see how my bloggy friends responded to this month’s prompts. I’m always fascinated by the different angles each person takes!

And let me know how YOU’d answer! Leave a comment below, if you would. All the cool kids are doing it!

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6 thoughts on “Currently – May 2021

  1. Oooh a rooftop tour would totally be something I’d be into. Growing up, whenever I traveled with my parents, we always went to the top of any building we could (cathedrals, clock towers, etc.) so now it’s ingrained habit 🙂 When I first saw your photo I thought it was in Europe or something – very cool that it’s the Biltmore! Asheville sounds great – glad you had some good sights and good eats too! 🙂

    1. Hey, Anne! Yes! Biltmore looks very European. Vanderbilt modeled it after the chateaux in France, and he traveled Europe extensively buying things for Biltmore! We’re not ones for going back again and again to the same places, but we keep finding more and more things to do (and more places to eat!) in Asheville. It’s amazing!

  2. Agreed with Anne – Ashville really sounds great! I was supposed to travel there for a meeting a few years back but then my org decided not to attend. Sounds like I missed out.

    1. Oh, man! I hope you’re able to visit Asheville one day. It’s an amazing place! Thanks for stopping by and for taking the time to chat!

  3. Fun read. Nice to catch up with you. Have always been curious about Noom. I wonder if it would work better for Paul than Weight Watchers? If I will just settle down and track for a couple of weeks, I will get results on WW and he would, too. But he doesn’t like to track.

    Have always wanted to visit the Biltmore. Now, seeing your photo of the rooftops, and then reading about the delicious food in the area, I want to go even more.

    1. Hi there! Tracking is super important with Noom, but it’s different. I hate tracking what I eat, but I kind of like doing it with THIS tool! He might want to do the free trial and get a feel for it.

      Asheville is SUCH a cool place! I hope you and PC will be able to go one day!

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