Currently – January 2021

Currently – January 2021

Hooray for something fun! Currently is my favorite linkup each month. This month Anne asked us to sharing what we’re beginning, feeling, organizing, resolving, and wondering. I’m sharing my responses here today, and you can click HERE to see how my bloggy friends interpreted the prompts and replied! I always get a kick from how different the responses are!


beginning: The Thursday Murder Club…for the 17th time. Honest to goodness, I just CANNOT get into this book! It’s for my local library book club, so I KNOW it’ll be a good story. I just need to take some time to settle in and get past page 25! (I’m totally a book quitter, but I really want to give it one last really good shot!)

feeling: excited about reading the Bible through this year using The Bible Recap as a guide! I’ve never done this before, but this plan and podcast is making it a real joy! I highly recommend it. You can start anytime. Read about it HERE.

organizing: my prayer journal, bullet journal, and The Next Right Thing Guided Journal (by our beloved Emily P. Freeman) for the new year. I’ve had some extra time for reflection and planning the last few days thanks to having foot surgery last week. Between pain meds I managed to do a brain dump into these very important tools, and it made my heart very happy! (Perhaps I should’ve used some of that time to read my book for book club? I seemed to reach for that as I was falling asleep. You see why I haven’t gotten into it yet, right?)

resolving: to be intentionally kind at every possible opportunity. I invite you to join me!

wondering: sooooo many things! What else will 2021 bring? How soon can I be back out on the hiking trails? Will we be able to go see our kids in Alaska this year? What should I bake next?

Thank you for stopping by and spending a few minutes with me! I’d LOVE to know how YOU would respond to these prompts! Will you leave me a note below and share your thoughts on any of them?

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3 thoughts on “Currently – January 2021

  1. OK…I bought The Thursday Murder Club on our bookstore road trip, but haven’t cracked it open yet. Now you’ve got me worried! I’ll have to give it a shot when I finish my current book and see if I agree with you!

    1. Read it with confidence and great expectations! 😏 Unless you’re on narcotics. I think that’s what the problem was! LOL! I don’t want to put it down now!

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