Currently – December 2020

Currently – December 2020

Hello! Welcome to my favorite linkup of the month! Anne from In Residence assigns five prompts each month and invites us to respond to them. This month we’re discussing what we’re baking, decorating, gifting, hoping, and sending.


baking: recipes from the November and December issues of Southern Living. I want to bake ALL THE THINGS! My doctor thinks that’s not a great plan, so I’m strategically assessing the recipes and choosing just a few! Maybe these White Christmas Pavlovas or these Mini Pear-Cranberry Bites?

decorating: for Christmas in some new ways. Check out our tree that we created! It’s not our traditional tree, but it sure does save floor space! We’ll put ornaments on it soon. I enjoy just a tree and lights for a while. (Wait until you see the finished wall there! I’m excited to show it to you soon!) I also added this print (photo below) to our lineup this year. You can order it from The Rabbit Room. I’ll share more photos when we’re done decorating. I tend to ease into the season instead of blitzing the house all at once!

gifting: some fun stuff for family and friends! We treated one friend a ticket for Gaelic Storm’s Christmas concert livecast. We’ll watch it live, together, apart, as one does these days, but still! What fun! I did some shopping from the aforementioned Rabbit Room. I can’t be more specific than that, but DO go check them out! And I really hope someone is doing some shopping at JavaSoks for ME!

hoping: for a very uneventful Christmas and a very MEANINGFUL Christmas. Does that make sense? My family, like most others, is rearranging things this year to be just a safe as possible and keep our parents (in particular) healthy. My prayer is that God will heap joy and happiness on these next few weeks. That we will have lovely, special memories to look back on. That “different” will end up being “wonderful!”

sending: cards, packages, and well wishes quite literally all over the world! Such is the December of a military family! I need to get to work on that right now, in fact, so I’ll bring this to a close.

Thank you for stopping by! I hope you enjoy what I share here on OutAndBack, and I hope you’ll come again soon. Will you take a minute and let me know what YOU’RE currently baking, decorating, gifting, hoping, an sending?!? I’d love to know!

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2 thoughts on “Currently – December 2020

  1. I’m currently not decorating for Christmas because I have been preparing for a wedding in 11 days…so only a bare tree with lights so far. I’m actually content with that.

  2. I am cooking my specialty right now: Rice Krispie treats! We are heading to Round 3 of football playoffs this Friday, and those guys LOVE RK treats after a game, win or lose. (We really feed them other filling food, too, but who doesn’t love Rice Krispie treats??).

    I LOVE that board wall!! You need to post a link to those as well. Aren’t you brilliant for that space-saving tree!!

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