Currently – November 2020

Currently – November 2020

It’s time for Currently!  I’m writing in response to prompts from Anne at In Residence.  It’s SO much fun to see how other bloggy folks respond to the same prompts!  Here’s the list for November 2020! 


 appreciating: cooler temperatures! We had FROST this morning, you guys! We’ll be back near 80 in a few days, but for now I will enjoy every single minute I get to wear sweaters and sweatshirts!  (Yep.  We’re back up to near 80 at the time I’m posting this!  It was nice while it lasted!)

ordering: coffee from Just Love Coffee! They FINALLY opened here in the Savannah area! I wrote about them way back HERE, and now we get to enjoy their wonderful coffee and waffles!

perfecting: nothing, y’all! I’m trying to focus on doing my tasks well, but I’m not sure I’m perfecting anything at all these days! I *do* hope to perfect this recipe in the next week or so! I’ll let you know how it goes!

planning: the holidays in all the ways. I’ve created my Christmas shopping list and want to tackle my shopping this month. I’m reading recipes and trying to decide what I might want to make for Thanksgiving and Christmas. And, as we all are, I’m praying and thinking through how/if/when we can safely spend some time with family during these special months.

wearing:  socks and closed toe shoes!!!  Hooray for autumn!

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