Autumn Adventures 2020 – Final Update

Autumn Adventures 2020 – Final Update

It’s time to take a look at my Autumn Adventure List and see how I did! You can see the original list HERE.

Camping. DONE! As I mentioned in my original post, Gene and I camped for several days near Chattanooga, Tennessee in September. In October we headed up to Asheville, North Carolina, another of our favorite camping/hiking areas. We had a great time in spite of some rain and temps that were warmer than we had hoped. We hiked up the Catawba Falls trail, along the river on Biltmore property, and on the Point Lookout Greenway trail. We took all COVID precautions and felt very safe the whole time. We LOVE restaurants with outdoor patios!

Exploring and cooking in the Mediterranean/MIND Diet lifestyle. DONE and NEEDS MORE WORK! We did great with this for a while, aaaaaand then life happened and I fell back to “normal,” less healthy meals. Not great! I’ve found myself craving all the veggies that Mediterranean lifestyle cooking features, and I’m climbing back on that healthier train!

Tucking back into my bullet journal. DONE! I did some catching up by journaling about our camping trips and other details I wanted to remember. This year has been…unique…and I want to record as much of it as I can. I need to work on looking at my bujo everyday so I can better stay on track with my To Do list.

Following the Fall Outfit Formulas from Get Your Pretty On. DONE! I enjoyed the fall round of Outfit Formulas! Here are a couple of my favorite outfits. The signup for the winter round opened TODAY! Click HERE to scope it out and sign up! (Yes, that’s my affiliate link). The annual membership open Monday, December 7. GYPO’s outfit formulas are great for women who are weary of choosing what to wear as well as for those who like to take an idea and make it their own. They’re well worth the (very modest) price because you’ll learn to shop wisely! (No, they don’t style many dresses! I just like wearing them and adjust the outfits accordingly!)

Baking some new recipes. DONE! I’ve done too much baking lately! (I’m blaming it on a round of Prednisone, but we all know I’m perfectly capable of baking too much on any given week!) A friend of mine recently mentioned how much he missed my baking, so OF COURSE I asked him what I could make for him! His quick response: Hummingbird Cake. It’s a southern staple, but I had never baked one! I made one for him and another for my family/for sharing, and it was delicious! I made another one for Thanksgiving. I used this recipe from Southern Living. I also baked King Arthur Baking’s recipe for Pumpkin Gingerbread (photo above). YUM!

Shopping for Christmas gifts. A GOOD START! I won’t be done with my shopping before Thanksgiving, but I’m happy with what I’ve done so far.

Checking in with friends via both snail mail and video calls. MADE PROGRESS! This is obviously an ongoing project! I’ve enjoyed visiting with friends mostly by messaging on several platforms. Marco Polo and Voxer are my faves. I want to do more in the weeks to come. I think I need to schedule appointments to help make it happen!

Finding a statement pumpkin à la The Nester! DECIDED NOT TO GET ONE. And that’s okay! I loved my autumn decorations and decided I didn’t need a pumpkin this year. This fun branch was my favorite decoration! It’s such a subtle nod to Halloween that I left it up for November too! The little bats feel like fall somehow, and they make me smile!

Thanks for stopping by! Do you have special plans going into winter? I know winter begins (astronomically speaking) on December 21, but I like to be different and go by the meteorological season dates! December 1 it is! I’ll have a think and share a post about my winter adventure goals soon!

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2 thoughts on “Autumn Adventures 2020 – Final Update

  1. Oh, LIFE. It is wearing me out this year. We have overindulged and eaten to soothe our frazzled emotions all fall. Back on Weight Watchers this week. I think I would love the Mediterranean diet (had a great deal of trouble spelling that!!) but PC has never met a veggie he liked. Well, that’s not fair…candy corn, maybe?

    Love the gingerbread recipe. Pinned that puppy. Just bought sourdough yeast starter from King Arthur – thank you for introducing me to this company. Genius idea to line your bread pan with parchment. You are one smart cookie.

    And a stylish one, too. That graphic tee is adorable. I probably bought waaaaay too many pieces in the pumpkin shade of your pretty cardigan. Can I call it blush and wear it in the spring?

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