Fall 2020 Outfit Formulas by GYPO

Fall 2020 Outfit Formulas by GYPO


I promised you I’d post this today, and here it is!!!  Get Your Pretty On has released it’s Outfit Formulas for Fall 2020!  I signed up today, and it would be fun to have some fashion buddies for the next few weeks!

Click HERE for all the details!  Yes, this is a referral link, just so you know.


Here’s what I love about Outfit Formulas: 

FIRST you take the shopping list to your closet and see what you have.  You probably already have some of the pieces.  (Graphic t-shirt, anyone?)  You also likely have some items that you can substitute.

Then you decide what pieces you want to shop for.  THIS IS NOT A RACE!  Take your time and find “heck yes!” pieces.

You don’t have to buy/have ALL the pieces!  Start with what you have and follow along with the scheduled outfits.

Yep, there’s a calendar of outfits you can follow!  This works especially well for those of you who don’t like deciding what to wear!

If you’re a free fashion spirit like I am, you can use the suggested pieces/outfits as inspiration and put your own spin on them.  My fashion preference leans decidedly boho, and you’ll see that play over this season.

Last thing:  YOU get to choose where you shop.  Target.  Nordstrom.  Goodwill.  You pick!  Since I’ve done Outfit Formulas for a while now, my closet is pretty well stocked with the basics, so I don’t NEED to do much shopping for this season.  I may add a new scarf or a new pair of jeans, but that’s probably it.  If you *need* to invest some money into your wardrobe, this is a SMART way to do it.  You’ll have a shopping list in hand that can keep you focused, and you won’t come home with random pieces that don’t play well together.  You’ll save a lot of money in the long run.  I sure did!

Okay, that it!  If you have questions, let me know!  I’m happy to help!





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    1. That’s where you personalize for your own preferences! I rarely wear exactly what shown in the photos. I take the formula itself and adjust it for my style! (I don’t wear heels very often either!)

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