Autumn Adventures – September 2020

Autumn Adventures – September 2020

Autumn is finally here!!! Hooray! Here in Savannah we enjoyed a few days of cooler temps, but now temps and humidity are back to normal. Ah well!

I’m linking up with Leslie again to share the list of things I’m hoping to do during the next few months. My Autumn Adventures!

Camping. It’s no secret that Gene and I love to tent camp. We don’t camp during the summer because it’s just too hot, but come autumn we’re ready to hit the road again! We camped for four nights last week near Chattanooga, Tennessee, and we have another trip planned for next month. Camping and hiking are perfect ways to safely get out of the house, breathe some fresh air, move our bodies, and rest…even when there’s NOT a pandemic going on!

Exploring and cooking in the Mediterranean/MIND Diet lifestyle. I recently shared about a virtual class I took and some new recipes I’ve tried. I’m eager to learn more and am looking forward to sharing that with you! To our health, y’all! *clink*

Tucking back into my bullet journal. At the risk of stating the obvious, this year has been a little different, yeah? Planners weren’t super necessary there for a while. I’m ready to get my daily tasks and habits more under control now, and my bullet journal really helps me with that.

Following the Fall Outfit Formulas from Get Your Pretty On. Here are a couple of my favorite fall transition outfits so far. (More about Outfit Formulas HERE.)

Baking some new recipes. King Arthur Baking continues to slay with amazing recipes! Stand by for photos and recommendations!

Shopping for Christmas gifts. I love choosing just the rights gifts for friends and family, don’t you! I also love having that wrapped up (no pun intended) by Thanksgiving. That allows me to focus on Advent and enjoy the lead up to Christmas with less busy-ness and more restful days. Please pass along ideas for cool gifts!

Checking in with friends via both snail mail and video calls.

Finding a statement pumpkin à la The Nester! Myquillyn, aka The Nester, decorates with a cozy minimalist mindset. Instead of buying and/or storing tons of fake (or real) pumpkins, she finds just ONE special pumpkin to feature in her home for autumn. I love this idea! She ALSO says that if you want 20 gagillion pumpkins, then go for it! She expressed it perfectly HERE. Such grace!

Reading more instead of watching television every evening.

What do YOU hope/plan to do during the next few weeks? I know we’ll all need to continue to be flexible. (And wasn’t that the truth even back in precedented times?!?) But it sure is nice to have some goals, some things to work on and look forward to!

I’ll keep you posted on how things go! Stop back in again soon!

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4 thoughts on “Autumn Adventures – September 2020

  1. We do tent camping too. We camped every weekend in July. Recently camped for 5 days. I also hope to have my Christmas shopping done by Thanksgiving. Happy Fall!

    1. Hooray for tent camping! Five-day trips are nice because they really make it worth doing all the setup! Happy Shopping! I need to start making my list!

  2. We haven’t found anything to watch this fall. A couple of series that we either gave up on or buzzed right through. Most evenings the TV is on for white noise.
    Have enjoyed your interpretations for the fall challenge so far. Hadn’t seen the embroidered top and green pants but I love it!!
    Glad you have more plans for camping. Would like to see inside your tent. Do you sleep in sleeping bags? Inquiring minds want to know!!
    Thanks for joining up with your activity list. Super impressed that you are Christmas shopping already. I have no idea where to begin!

    1. Hi, Leslie! Thanks for stopping by! I agree that there’s just not a lot to watch right now on TV. Exceptions are the new season of Great British Baking Show (episodes dropping each Friday on Netflix) and the movie Enola Holmes (also on Netflix)!!! We love both!

      When we camp we sleep in sleeping bags on cots. And we have a pad between the two to add extra cushion. Maybe I’ll make some videos when we camp next month! Would you like that?

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