Springtime Adventures Wrap-up (And Summer Update)

Springtime Adventures Wrap-up (And Summer Update)

Well, spring ended.  Summer is nearly done.  And I just saw that this post was still in my draft folder!  Ah, 2020, how we love you!  How you’ve made it so easy to lose track of time!  My brain will feel better if I go ahead and wrap thing Springtime Adventures thing up, even if it’s WAY late!

HERE  is my initial list and my reasons for each item on the list.  And click HERE for the one-month update and HERE for the two-month results.

Finish eating the chocolates from the Advent calendar I bought for my husband.  DONE! 

Bonus:  Our cats finished theirs too! I had tucked it away and woke up to THIS one morning!

Tackle sourdough baking.  DONE!  Also, I decided it’s not for me!  LOL!

Write notes to people and mail them.  YES!  I still want to make this a normal thing.  Will need to keep adding to to my To Do List for now so I won’t forget.

Keep making progress learning French via Duolingo.  I did…until I decided to lay this one down.  I learned a lot, but I decided I needed to focus more on other habits that I’m trying to strengthen.  This is a great app, and whenever I can head back over to Europe, I’ll pick this up and get going with it again!

Bake a caramel cake.  I never baked it.  Ah well!

Bake homemade pop tarts.  I didn’t bake this either.  I baked things!  Just not THESE things!

Tuck back into daily exercise, primarily Pilates with The Balanced Life.  This is one of the habits I really wanted to focus on, and I’m happy to say that I’ve exercised nearly every day from the end of spring on into the summer!  The Balanced Life has been a HUGE part of that.  Also, I applied something I learned from Atomic Habits by James Clear.  I may miss a day of exercise here and there.  That’s just going to happen sometimes.  The trick is to not miss TWO days!  When I’ve missed a day, I’ve made sure to do *something* the next day.

✅Print some photos from my son’s wedding. I finally got this done!!!  Hooray!


Now let’s talk summertime!  As per usual, I didn’t post a list of summertime adventures.  Summer here in Coastal Georgia is HOT.  We (my husband and I) tend to lie low and tough it out…in the air conditioning!  Add current travel restrictions and just plain trying to be smart about what we do and where we go, creating a list for summer seemed MUCH to my brain and my heart.  We *did* make a trip to Asheville, North Carolina, and I’m eager to share that with you!  I’ve gotten lax about posting here.  (Am I the only one who’s distracted these days?!?)  I want to get back to it, as they say!  Writing here makes my heart happy and gets me excited!  A perfect thing to do in these dog days of summer, so stay tuned!

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  1. Oh, so distracted over here. Glad you got your son’s wedding photos printed. Try baking the cake in the fall when temps cool off. Glad you were able to get over to Asheville. We have not gone anywhere and I miss having a getaway. Stay well my friend. And start thinking about a fall list to reveal on 09.21.

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