Currently – June & July 2020

Currently – June & July 2020


Each month Anne at In Residence gives us five interesting prompts for bloggers (and anyone else!) to respond to.  It’s fun to see each person’s takes on how those words are CURRENTLY applying to him/her.  Since I didn’t post last month, I’m doing a two-fer today!


feeling:  itchy to travel somewhere!  I KNOW I’m not alone in this one!  We’re making tentative plans, so circle back later and see what/if/when anything happens!


wearing:  graphic tees.  Apparently this is what I’m going to wear this summer!  The photo (above) shows three of my newest shirts from the amazing Ramble & Company out of Wichita Falls, Texas and my newest one (on the far right) from Nine Line based here in Savannah, Georgia.


buying:  La Colombe draft latte.  I’ve mentioned these to you before, and BOY are they hitting the spot right now!  Also, shoes!  I’m itchy to travel and itchy to buy shoes!  I have my eyes on these (below).  I’m just trying to decide between black and cognac.  Or both!  Hmmmm.  (Update:  At that price, I got BOTH!  They’re super comfy, and I’m wearing them on repeat!)

craving:  hugs.  I miss hugs from my friends!

discussing:  travel plans with my husband.  (See “feeling” above!)  We had just begun planning a trip to Germany for this autumn, but, well, that decision has now been taken out of our hands hasn’t it!  (Germany, I totally understand your closing your doors to American travelers right now, but UGH!)  We missed nearly our entire springtime camping season, and we’re bummed about that.  Now it’s summer and too hot to camp, so we’re considering where/when/if we want to travel and where we want to stay.  We are faithful Hilton customers, and they usually have several great options available wherever we travel.  We’ve made hotel reservations for some trips this summer, and we’re eyeing autumn camping as well!  We know plans may need to change based on COVID-19, but we decided to go ahead and make some plans and see how it goes!


cooking:  stuffed peppers, mainly for the stuffing itself!  (Who needs peppers, right?!?)  My friend Donna recommended this recipe, and it’s amazing!  My family and I have decided that we prefer dicing a pepper or two and cooking it in with the rest of the veggies instead of actually putting the stuffing into peppers and then baking them.  This is an easy recipe to riff on.  Check your shelves for whatever leftover veggies you have, and throw ’em in!  I added some spinach and some whole kernel corn last time.


photographing:  clouds!  Summer afternoons in Georgia mean daily afternoon thunderstorms, so we’re seeing some great clouds these days.

sharing:  kindness by wearing my face masks!  Is anyone else having a little too much fun with pattern mixing?!?


trying:  to figure out how many times is too many times to watch “Hamilton.”  Seriously.  Does anyone know the answer?!?

wondering:  SO MANY COVID-y THINGS!!!  So many questions.  So little that we KNOW.  I continue to pray for our scientists and leaders as they work so hard on our behalf.  I can’t imagine the weight and responsibility they carry in normal times, and goodness knows there’s NOTHING normal about life at the moment!


Thank you so much for stopping by!  How would YOU respond to each of the prompts?  Pick a few and share in the comments section below!  I’d love to hear from you!


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