Springtime Adventures – Update #2

Springtime Adventures – Update #2

We’re two months into spring, and it’s time for another peek at my Springtime Adventures List!  I made some progress!  Start HERE to see the initial list and my reasons for each item on the list.  And click HERE for the one-month update.

Finish eating the chocolates from the Advent calendar I bought for my husband.  DONE! 

Tackle sourdough baking.  DONE!  Also, I decided it’s not for me!  LOL!

Write notes to people and mail them.  YES!  I want to continue this in the weeks to come, but I *have* sent a few notes!

Keep making progress learning French via Duolingo.  YES!!!  I’ve tucked back in and am making progress!  I started strong before COVID hit.  As the pandemic dug in, studying French moved way down my priority list because of general distraction and because my husband and I realized we most likely wouldn’t be able to make our trip to Europe this fall.  Now I’ve picked Duolingo back up as a way to work my brain and to be ready for that trip whenever we can get over there!  It feels good to be learning something new!

Bake a caramel cake.  Oh no!  I keep forgetting about this one, but I’ve done puh-lenty of baking!  Most recently I made the world’s very best ever blondies.  Oh my word, they’re good!  HERE‘s the recipe.  I could make these every other day, and my family and I would be in pig heaven, as my bloggy friend Leslie says!  I’d share a picture of the scrumptiousness, but apparently we scarfed both rounds of blondies without getting ANY photos!  Well, DRAT!  I’ll have to make another pan of them!  I do it for YOU, readers!  I do it for YOU!

Bake homemade pop tarts.  I’ve not made these, and I think I’m okay with that.  There are many other recipes I’m more excited about trying.

Tuck back into daily exercise, primarily Pilates with The Balanced Life.  I’m enjoying the workouts, and I’m working on consistency.  The Balanced Life program is all about doable workouts, getting stronger, and valuing grace over guilt.  I focus on the 15-minute workouts, and that’s working well for me.  Here’s my affiliate link if you’d like to click through and scope it out!

Print some photos from my son’s wedding.  No change yet!  I need to add this to my To DO List so I can remember to do it.


That’s it for my 2-months-in update!  We have one more month of astronomical spring, so I have a few more weeks to tackle my dearth of caramel cake and printed wedding photos!  Around June 20–the summer solstice–I’ll share a final update of this Springtime Adventures List and will also share my Summer Adventure List.  Hopefully that one will have a few not-quite-so-close-to-home adventures!  #goawaycovid #summerfun

P.S.  Here in Georgia temps are on the rise.  Meteorological summer begins in just a few days, on June 1!

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3 thoughts on “Springtime Adventures – Update #2

  1. My son made homemade pop tarts—put it high on your to do list. I only tried a little bit but oh my goodness—better than a store bought pop tart hands down!

  2. It is so hot and MUGGY already! I guess I can’t complain…we had a decent spring. I think you’re tackling your list pretty well!

  3. Hope you will add the photos to your to-do list for this week if that hasn’t happened already. It helps me to get the pictures developed. And then I can take baby steps to scrapbook or frame them.

    I need to get my yeast starter out and make some bread this week. Our bread is a little like sourdough. I was tickled when I tried to buy a bread machine and realized they are sold out everywhere. That and hand weights!! Guess everyone is baking and lifting!!

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