Springtime Adventures: Update #1

Springtime Adventures: Update #1


Whoops!  I’m a little overdue with my update!  About a month ago I posted my list of things I hope to do during this season.  You can read that post HERE.  And now let’s take a look at how things have gone!



Finish eating the chocolates from the Advent calendar I bought for my husband.  DONE!  Just LOOK how productive I’ve been!  Actually, I’m pretty sure my husband helped finish this off.  Since it IS his Advent calendar to begin with, I think that’s okay. Goodness knows I’ve consumed enough calories over the last few weeks!  #quarantine15 #pleaseno



Tackle sourdough baking.  DONE!!!  Can you believe it?!?  This is something I’ve put off forever!  I bought this sourdough starter set forever ago from Breadtopia.  Once I got it going, I bounced between there and King Arthur Flour  for advice on how to succeed.  Hint:  My starter got WAY happier when I started feeding it freshly ground–and thus, whole wheat–flour.  I used some discarded starter to make pikelets (what you’d get if pancakes and crumpets had babies), and I also made Rustic Sourdough Bread.  Both were winners according to my family!  (If you click through “pikelets” you’ll see that the recipe is for crumpets.  But if you read the tips at the bottom, you’ll see how to make pikelets from that recipe.)

Pikelets are a yummy Australian treat!


✅❌Write notes to people and mail them.  DONE yet NOT REALLY!  I did send one personal note of encouragement to a friend, but I *intended* to send two or three notes each week.  BUT I ALSO wrote and actually mailed our Christmas/COVID-19/Easter newsletter to friends and family!  We send The Rentz Rambler out each Christmas, but it just didn’t happen this past Christmas.  Since life is a little slower these days and since I really did want to reach out to folks during this crazy time, I decided to make it happen.  It seems to have been a nice surprise for everyone!



Keep making progress learning French via Duolingo.  Well, does this screen shot answer the question of how this is going?!?

Bake a caramel cake.  Not yet, but I HAVE done lots of baking!  I’ll try to share some photos with you.


Screenshot from Walmart.com

❌❇️Bake homemade pop tarts.  Okay, I did NOT make homemade Pop-Tarts (yet), but I DID buy and consume a box of the new Pretzel Chocolate Pop-Tarts!  I’m counting this one as a partial win because they were GOOD!  In my defense, I got the regular size box, not the large box pictured here!

Tuck back into daily exercise, primarily Pilates with A Balanced Life.  I made a good start!  Just need to keep it going.  I really love this program!  It’s all about doable workouts, consistency, getting stronger, and valuing grace over guilt.  Here’s my affiliate link if you’d like to click through and scope it out!

Print some photos from my son’s wedding.  This still hasn’t happened, but I want them more than ever!  SOON!

I’ve done some other fun stuff that’s NOT on the list!  Stay tuned to hear all about that!  Thanks for stopping by!

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3 thoughts on “Springtime Adventures: Update #1

  1. We have all had a little extra on our plates this season. I need to pull out my spring bucket list to see what I put on it. The Covid scare had just begun when I drew it up. Little did we know!!
    Yay for the bread baking. And trying the new poptarts. That was research for making your own.

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