Currently – May 2020

Currently – May 2020


I’m late to the Currently party this month, but I don’t want to skip it!  This month’s prompts from Anne at In Residence are making, missing, learning, loving, and reading.

I am Currently…

making:  sourdough bread.  This is on my Springtime Adventure List, and I’m happy to have FINALLY done this thing I’ve wanted to do for a long, long time.  My starter did just okay for a couple of weeks until I discovered that whole wheat flour was the secret ingredient!  The starter got MUCH happier after that.  My bread turned out beautiful but way too heavy.  Oh well.  Not every recipe turns out perfectly, does it!

missing:  so many things!  Important things like hugging–or even SEEING–my extended family, shopping, travel, and going to concerts.  And less important things like lipstick.  I mean, lipstick just doesn’t work well with face masks, does it!  I never would’ve thought I’d miss lipstick!

learning:  that sourdough bread is not something I want to spend my time on!  I didn’t like working my life around all the hassle!  I’ll stick to making good ol’ yeast bread every now and then!  I’m also learning French!  More on that here and here.  I’m making progress!

loving:  front porch sitting, down time, and reading.  These have been some of my favorite aspects of spending more time at home.  Our weather will soon be too hot to sit on the front porch, so we’ve spent as much time as possible out there.  These are COVID-19 memories I want to remember!

reading:  The Victory Garden by Rhys Bowen.  I’m weary of World War II books, but this one featured a totally new-to-me angle!  Hooray!  I read this one with my ears and can highly recommend the story AND the audio performance.   ALSO, Anne Bogel, aka Modern Mrs. Darcy, just released her 2020 Summer Reading Guide!  It’s exactly the bit of joy we all need in these strange times, and it’s FREE!   I’ve loaded up my library hold list since my branch is beginning hold pickups soon!  First up for me will be Love Lettering: A Witty and Heartfelt Love Story by Kate Clayborn.  I’ll let you know how it is!

Thank you for stopping by today.  I hope you and your loved ones are well.  If you have a few minutes, be sure to hop over to In Residence to see what my bloggy friends are CURRENTLY up to!  I’d love if you’d share YOUR answers with me in the comment section!

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One thought on “Currently – May 2020

  1. After homeschooling for 17 years, I am LOVING this “alone” time! I spent a lot of time on the road…piano lessons, sports, PT jobs, etc… I’ve been reading more, catching up on my TV series, and enjoying having my youngest son home more. He’s usually busy with spring football practice, so he’s rediscovering his love of hunting and fishing. Things I’m NOT loving: coming up with more meal ideas and hence cooking them! We are cleaning out the freezer of deer meat and cow hamburger meat. Since we live out in the country, we don’t have restaurant delivery service this far (I’m actually afraid to look…that would really change things!). Even though my husband is in the ER, he’s been negative so far. Hopefully it stays that way. I miss my friends, too, girl!

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