Currently – January 2020

Currently – January 2020

It’s time for our first CURRENTLY of the new year!  This month’s prompts are:  resolving, reading, cleaning, creating, and planning.


resolving:  to focus on improving my health.  I know, I know.  Me and 2 zillion other people!  But it’s still true!

reading:  Atomic Habits by James Clear.  I know, I know.  Me and 2 zillion other people!  But it’s still true!

cleaning:  and reorganzing my laundry room!  Finally!  If you’re been here a while, you know this has been on all my lists for the last forever, but I finally did it!  And by “I” I mean my sweet husband did the heavy work, and I did the cleaning out and organizing part.  Check out these before and after photos!  I’m so stinkin’ excited!

creating:  a new design for our son’s room.  Our son has been on his own for several years now, and we’ve been deciding how to use his old bedroom.  It’s now becoming a second guest room and our office/craft space.  It’s looking good!  I’ll share photos soon.

planning:  travel for 2020.  My husband and I took a few hours last week to review 2019 and look ahead to 2020.  And to have a tasty brunch at Maple Street Biscuit Company in downtown Savannah.  That too.  Anyway, part of our time was spent discussing places we want to go and if/when they might happen this year.   This time of reflection and planning is my favorite new tradition!

How’s the new year looking for you so far?  Big plans?  Tiptoeing gently into things?

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2 thoughts on “Currently – January 2020

  1. Michael Ann!!! That looks so good! I can’t even imagine moving a washer and dryer around like you did AND installing new shelving. Go Gene!! And I really think I need to look into the Atomic Habits book.

  2. Stopping by very belatedly. But wow wow wow check out your laundry room. What a nice space that is! And it looks so neat and well organized. I would like to have just a couple more feet in my room…which is not a room at all.
    Fun that you have your son’s room to redo and repurpose. I have a craft space in my loft but it has no closet so everything is out in the open. Looks pretty messy. It would be wonderful to be able to close the door or put things in the closet. Will look forward to photos.

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