Currently – December 2019

Currently – December 2019

It’s time for CURRENTLY!  Anne at In Residence supplies five prompts, and we all share what we’re CURRENTLY up to based on those prompts!  This month we have:  wrapping, baking, lighting, sending, and enjoying.  Here we go!


wrapping:  my brain around the fact that December is here.  I’m certainly not wrapping gifts because I’ve barely begun my shopping!  WHAT?!?  I almost ALWAYS make a point of doing all my gift buying before Thanksgiving.  Not this year!


baking:  shortbread!  Traditional shortbread is a family favorite ANY time of year, but it is especially wonderful during the Christmas season.  This year I also made coffee shortbread, and y’all, it’s AMAZING!  You can find the recipe HERE.  It’s super easy to make.  (I recommend skipping the chocolate drizzle.  They’re delightful without it!  And then you can eat MORE cookies!)


lighting:  candles from Antique Candle Co.  I’m still burning Fall Harvest since it IS, after all, still autumn!  This scent is a mix of fresh apple and orange peel, highlighted with warm notes of spicy cinnamon, clove, and vanilla.  So it’s perfect all year long!  Warm Caramel Crumble and Cut Herbs are two more of my many favorites.  I highly recommend choosing a sampler pack (or two or three).  Narrow down your favorites and then go for a bundle!  You’re welcome!



sending:  a doggy Advent calendar to my grandpup, Maverick!  It’s late, but hopefully he won’t mind!  (Isn’t he handsome!!!)


enjoying:  looking at my son’s wedding photos over and over and over again!  My word!  I can’t get over them!  You can get a peek HERE on Apt B Photo’s website.


What are YOU currently up to?  My prayer is that you’re enjoying this special season!  If this is a tough time of year for you, I pray that you know that God is walking with you and will see you through.  You are NOT alone!

I’m looking forward to posting more cool stuff in the next few days!  I hope you’ll keep an eye out and loop back through soon!


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8 thoughts on “Currently – December 2019

  1. I’m totallllllly not done with my shopping. I mean, I started. But definitely not done. Those are some streamlined people who are. I always change my mind about gifts/ideas.

  2. Oooh coffee shortbread sounds intriguing! That wedding photo is just gorgeous. And I hope you are enjoying this special season too!

  3. Tell me more about this doggie Advent calendar for Maverick (who is gorgeous, by the way!). And Ethan wedding pictures are STUNNING!! Where was this photographer when I got married 27 years ago??

    1. I got the Advent calendar at Aldi! It has a couple of salmon treats for each day! Liam got one too. (He’s our other grandpup.). He and Maverick both love them!

  4. 1. I love shortbread. 2. I must remember to burn candles more often. 3. Dawww 4. Gorgeous.

  5. Well with wedding photos as stunning as that one, you are right to be revisiting them. I love shortbread, and usually shortcut the process by picking up Walkers at TJMaxx. Over the weekend I went to a craft fair with my sister and got some homebaked. They also had done some with coffee. But I’m a purist, I think even chocolate chips ruin shortbread cookies.

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