Pumpkin Chili! Yes, Really!

Pumpkin Chili! Yes, Really!

YOU GUYS!!!  Yesterday I promised you a recipe for chili with a surprise twist, and this is it!  PUMPKIN CHILI!!!  I would never ever have thought pumpkin and chili in the same recipe would work, BUT the amazing Bri McKoy is the one who created it and shared it, and I trust Bri completely!


Here’s the thing, this chili is packed with flavor, and/but the pumpkin plays nicely with all the other ingredients and doesn’t scream its presence.  Really!

My husband and daughter are fantastic and eat whatever I cook without complaint.  Still, I took a cautious approach when serving this and told them it was Harvest Ale Chili!  I didn’t want to freak them out with the pumpkin thing, you know?  They ate it and liked it!  Afterward I told them it had pumpkin in it, and both were surprised!  Every single person I’ve served this to has been surprised!  I’m not even joking!


Here’s what I like about this chili.  I like it not being tomato-based.  This makes a nice change in that regard.  I like that it has a LOT of veggies.  I like that it has all the nutrition that pumpkin brings.  And I like that it’s delicious!

To get the recipe for Bri’s Pumpkin Chili, just click HERE.  I also highly recommend that you follow Bri on Instagram.  Bri is a true joy to follow!  She makes me smile every day!  I especially appreciated her post on Veterans Day.  She shared the heart of a military wife, of an American, with honesty and grace.  You’ll also want to check out her book, Come & Eat: A Celebration of Love and Grace around the Everyday Table.  Be prepared to be challenged, and be prepared for some great recipes!

Okay!  Go on and click through to get the recipe and try it!  Let me know how you like it!


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6 thoughts on “Pumpkin Chili! Yes, Really!

  1. I think pumpkin in things that you dont think of is a great idea. Pumpkin is so healthy for you too!!!! You’ve got me intrigued to look for more pumpkin chili ideas 😉

    1. Yes! I forget that pumpkin can go savory. And extra nutrition is always a good thing! In Germany I had an amazing pumpkin soup. I may have to make that sometime.

  2. Casey makes a good pumpkin chili but this one looks and sounds even more flavorful. Visited Bri, pinned the recipe!! Thank you for pointing me in her direction. Going to make this over the weekend. Trying all kinds of new chili recipes for my autumn activity (see what I did there? XO) list!!

    1. You’re a smart blogger! LOL! Thanks for popping over to Bri’s site. Watch for her stories on Sundays. She shares her favorite items for each week. Let me know how you like the chili!

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