Autumn Adventures 2019

Autumn Adventures 2019


What happened to Summer Adventures, you ask?  Heat.  Heat happened!  It’s just too hot here in Coastal Georgia to do much.  Also, since we made our big anniversary trip to England and Scotland in May/June, we stayed pretty close to home this summer.  Oh, and I had foot surgery.  (More on that in a minute.)

Then autumn started, and all our attention was focused on our son’s wedding!  HOORAY!!!  It was lovely and beautiful and amazing!  Two weeks after that I threw myself a 50th birthday party!  So.  Much.  Fun.  We have celebrated our socks off this autumn!

All that to say…

I am WAY late to the “autumn bucket list” party, but I’m finally jumping back in to share my Autumn Adventures with you!  During what’s left of autumn I hope to:

1.  Stay committed to doing Pilates via Robin at The Balanced Life.  I jumped in several weeks ago when she offered a free 10-day challenge and absolutely loved it!  The workouts are usually around 15 minutes, so they’re easy (okay, easiER) for me to do consistently.  I’d love to get on my mat for a short workout every day and do longer workouts a couple of times a week.  That’s my goal.  Want to try it out?  HERE’s a free, 5-day challenge to get you started!  (That link is NOT an affiliate link, but THIS one is!)

2.  Walk!  I had foot surgery back in August to clean up arthritis damage in my big toe.  (Cleaned all the bone bits out of the joint and resurfaced my metatarsal.)  Now that my foot is good to go and our insane summer temperatures are finally abating, it’s time to get back outside and do some walking!  I want to walk several times a week in addition to doing Pilates.

3.  Speaking of walking, my husband and I plan to walk the Christmas lights at Callaway Gardens soon!  That will be a 5-mile journey through their amazing winter wonderland!  Hopefully my foot will handle it well.

4.  It’s also time to do some CAMPING!!!  Between my foot surgery and summer heat, we’ve not camped in months.  We have two trips planned, and I’m eager to share them with you!

5.  Gene and I enjoy catching a Christmas concert each year, and this year we’re doing TWO!  We have tickets to see Celtic Woman AND Mannheim Steamroller!  #happygirl

6.  After missing several months of my local library’s book club, I’ve tucked back in.  For November we’re reading My Antonia.  I’ll share that book and October’s book with you soon!

7.  You guys know I love to bake!  I’m looking forward to trying several new recipes in the next few weeks.  Stay tuned!!!

Do you have any special plans or goals for this time of year?  Leave a comment below and tell me about it!  As you can see from my list, some adventures may cost a little money, but LOTS of adventures are very inexpensive or FREE!  Jump in and have some adventures of your own, and then come back and tell me about them!

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4 thoughts on “Autumn Adventures 2019

  1. We are going camping next weekend. We rented an RV—so the cost is not cheap, but with my medical needs, it’s necessary. Our whole family is supposed to be there so we are super excited. 3 days in nature, can’t wait!

  2. I LOVE My Antonia! Maybe you’ll want to take a road trip to Red Cloud after you read it!? My dog fell sick this fall, so I had to postpone my trip to British Columbia. Which means I made adventures happen at home! Hiked Devil’s Thumb Trail (7.5 mi., Winter Park, CO) in September then, in October, took a creative retreat at our Colorado cabin with a writing friend (& my dog). I’m all about adventures, Michael Ann. Love this post!

  3. I read My Antonia YEARS ago! It’s time for a revisit, maybe? I’m looking forward to camping and when are you doing the Callaway Gardens thing? That sounds awesome!

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