Currently: The Hurricane Dorian Edition

Currently: The Hurricane Dorian Edition

Note:  I wrote this over the last few days as we were waiting (and waiting) for Hurricane Dorian to approach the Georgia coast.  I’m VERY happy to report that we saw very little of Dorian in our area, and all is well here.  I’m currently (HA! but seriously) praying for the Carolinas who are getting roughed up by Dorian as we speak and for those brave, exhausted souls in the Bahamas.

That said, let’s get to the actual post!


Hello from steamy Savannah, Georgia where all eyes are on Hurricane Dorian.  He is FINALLY reaching our area after about 3 zillion years of watching and waiting, so I’m spinning (get it?!?) this month’s Currently post in a counterclockwise, hurricane-ish direction!

This month’s prompts are:  making, taking, discovering, consuming, and saving.

I am Currently…

making:  a video of our house and everything in it.  We’ve needed to do this anyway, and Dorian was a good reason to go ahead and get it done.  We don’t expect things to get too crazy here, but video documentation of our stuff is a good idea, just in case.

taking:  naps.  We’ve had days of watching forecasts, debating whether to stay or leave, stocking (and re-stocking) hurricane snacks, and gathering the must-take-with-us stuff in case we need to evacuate.  We are weary with waiting.  And that sounds so whiny when the people of the Bahamas had hours and hours and hours of unimaginable storms right on top of them.  I can’t even imagine.

discovering:  the benefits of owning a generator!  Boy, has that made hurricane prep less stressful!  We may not have to use it, but just knowing we CAN has taken a lot of worries and tasks off our To Do List.  No need to stock up on ice or worry about losing everything in our fridge and freezers!


consuming:  ice cream!  I don’t tend to eat a lot of ice cream, but my husband loves it.  I snagged several cartons for him–hurricane snacks are a real thing–on my last Publix run.  Turns out their limited edition Pecan Turtle Fudge ice cream is AMAZING!!!  Get this!  Butter pecan ice cream with swirls of Mackinac butter pecan fudge, pecan fudge chunks, and roasted pecans!   (Bonus points if you pronounced Mackinac and pecans correctly!)  My sweet man ended up running back to Publix to grab more since I’m rapidly working my way through the first carton!

saving:  this recipe for Pumpkin Pie Spice Latte Cupcakes!  I did some hurricane baking today, as one does during the waiting.  These cupcakes remind me of a lovely, rich gingerbread, just minus the ginger and plus espresso!  My husband really likes them too, and he looks askance at *everything* PSL!  I assured him he wouldn’t lose his man card for liking these!  (Check out this post from when we were waiting for Hurricane Michael!  Spoiler:  I baked then too!)

Big thanks to Anne of In Residence for hosting this link-up each month!  I always enjoy reading how other bloggers interpret and respond to each month’s unique prompts!  Click on her link right there to see what she and others posted for these prompts!

Thanks for coming to Out And Back today!  I hope you’ll come back soon!

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6 thoughts on “Currently: The Hurricane Dorian Edition

  1. Hurricane snacks?! While I don’t envy anyone anywhere near the eye of a storm, I have to say that Hurricane Snacks must definitely make the best of a bad situation! I say that from where I sit in sunny Colorado, where it’s always pretty darn mild and this native Western New Yorker actually pines for ‘real’ weather sometimes!

    1. LOL! I hereby authorize you to declare a day (or three!) for hurricane snacks!!! When a storm takes THIS long to arrive, the snacking can become an issue! 😂 Lots of great memes about that! Enjoy that beautiful Colorado weather. We’ll be back to a bazillion degrees before the weekend! Thanks for stopping by and for taking the time to comment!

  2. Hurricane baking and ice cream eating should definitely be a thing. Glad to hear you were fully prepared there with the generator, but especially that you didn’t need to use it!

  3. So thankful you were spared by Dorian as were all of the GYPO gals that were in its path – at least as far as I am aware. It was such a slooooooow moving storm, poor people in the Bahamas. They have so little to begin with and have to work so hard for what they do have.

    Your cupcakes sound sensational and I like the looks of that ice cream, too. We have ice cream most weekends but I don’t buy it to keep at home or we would have it everyday which would be no bueno to our girlish figures!!

  4. Stocking (and re-stocking) snacks! That cracked me up! There are some things I won’t eat, but if a hurricane is coming my way, I will certainly stash it.

    And that ice cream?? I’ll eat anything with Mackinac Island fudge in it. I’ve been twice and I just can’t get enough of it. It is heaven on earth!

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