UK Vacay – Fun Food

UK Vacay – Fun Food

Today I’m sharing a few foods from England and Scotland that Americans, in particular, might find interesting! I had fun watching for them on our trip!

Let’s start with sandwiches. Ham and cheese? Turkey and Swiss? Nope! Check our these sandwich flavors!

Chickpeas with sultanas, red pepper, spinach, and spiced mayo on onion seed bread! Sultanas are basically raisins, jut FYI.

Want something simpler? Less exotic?!? Behold! Cheddar cheese and pickle!

Here’s what I chose. Honey roasted and boiled egg!

I truly wish I had snagged photos of all the flavors of potato chips (called crisps) that the UK offers. You’d be amazed! THESE though were my favorite and I really wish Publix would stock them! Haggis and cracked back pepper chips! I told you yesterday about my new love of all things haggis. (Click HERE to check that out!). I don’t know when I’ll ever get to eat these again, but I’m longing for the day!

Thanks for stopping by! Come back again soon because I have more fun stuff to share about our UK Vacay. The lochs! The stormy skies! The castles! (Pardon me now while I go pack my bags again!)

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