Springtime Adventure List – Final Update

Springtime Adventure List – Final Update

Welcome to OutAndBack!  I totally forgot to post my second update to my Springtime Adventure List, and now it’s time for the final update since summer begins today.  Whoopsie!  Let’s see how I did!  (If you like to start at the beginning you can see my original list HERE and my first update HERE.)

Take my parents on a mystery trip.  Done!  Click HERE to find out where we went and what we did!

See Casting Crowns in concert.  Done!  We saw Casting Crowns at Daily’s Place in Jacksonville, Florida and had a GREAT time!

Travel to England and Scotland!  YES!!!  We’re home and over the jet lag and savoring the wonderful memories we made!  I’ve already started sharing memories with you here on the blog.  Check out Bookish Memories HERE, and come back soon more about the trip!  We took this trip in celebration of our…

30th wedding anniversary!  Hooray!!!  We’re thankful for all the years God has given us and decided to celebrate!  In fact, I decided we’re going to celebrate all year! #anniversarypalooza  I firmly believe marriage is something be celebrated ALL year, EVERY year!  No matter how many years you’ve been together!

Go on a picnic.  After a solid year of trying, this one FINALLY happened!  During our time in the Glen Coe area of Scotland we stayed at Tom Eachainn B&B.  Colin and Sue, our hosts, took great care of us and even offered picnic lunches as we headed out for a day of hiking and sightseeing.  After driving through the ASTOUNDING Glen Coe, we hiked Glen Righ (Glen of the King), and settled in at a picnic area on Loch Linnhe.  We had just enough time for a quick picnic before rain set in (again).  (Bonus:  This was right beside a petrol station that also offered a bathroom and hot coffee, both of which were sorely needed!)



♦ Make sourdough bread.  This one did NOT happen during spring, so I’ll move it to my summer list.

♦ Develop the habit of recording what I’m thankful for and watching for answered prayers.  Unfortunately I’ve  still made no progress on actually recording anything in the gratitude section of my prayer journal.  I *AM* seeing answers to prayers, and I *AM* grateful for things.  I’m just still not getting them written down on a regular basis.  Something to keep working on!

♦ Bake kolaches.  We fell in love with these at Yeast Nashville last summer, and I’ve meant to make some ever since.  I totally forgot about this one!  Moving this one to my summer list too!

Read one book each month from my #theunreadshelfproject list.  I’m counting this one as done.  I read goodness gracious green by Judy Christie, and I read Bri McKoy’s Come and Eat: A Celebration of Love and Grace Around the Everyday Table.  So that’s two books of my three-book goal.  Pre-vacation prep took a LOT of time both at home and work, and I didn’t read at all on vacation because we were doing amazing things.  I’m good with my effort and will continue to work on reading the other books on my list.

See Leah Salonga in concert.  DONE!  What a GREAT night!!!

♦ Reorganize my laundry room.  Ha!  Moving this on to the summer list as well!  That actually works well because summer is HOT here, and it’s a good time to tackle indoor project.

That’s seven out of eleven adventures completed.  Not bad!  I’ll share my Summer Adventure List in the next few days.  In the meantime, watch for more posts about our UK Vacay!

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3 thoughts on “Springtime Adventure List – Final Update

  1. Nice work on your spring list, Michael Ann. I must admit I’m a little jealous about the trip to Scotland. I’ve been wanting to go there. Happy summer!

  2. Thanks for joining up with us from across the pond. Have enjoyed seeing your photos. Will be anxious for you put together your summer list and share.

    Great job on your spring list. Glad you are pushing the kolaches to summer. I am interested in the recipe you use. Would like to make some for PC.

    Continued safe travels and hurry home to us!

  3. Good luck on your goals! Just now joining in with you all for my very first bucket list!

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