Currently – May 2019

Currently – May 2019


This month’s CURRENTLY prompts are:  admiring, playing, borrowing, remembering, and finishing.  Right now I am CURRENTLY…


admiring:  all things green!  Gene and I went camping last weekend, and I just could NOT get over all the lush greenness everywhere!  I mean, LOOK at this!


And these green sneakers too!  I’ve been admiring them for weeks now!




playing:  The Story of My Life: Lea Salonga Live from ManilaAs I told you guys earlier, we saw Lea in concert last week, and that concert was similar to the one recorded for this album.  Color me happy!




borrowing:  iced coffee making wisdom from Bri McKoy!  Her beloved Bodum cold brew coffee press + a fresh supply of Jamaican Me Crazy coffee = chilly perfection for Michael Ann (that’s ME!) every morning!  Check out Bri’s Instagram story with complete directions HERE!


remembering:  good times with friends from our years in England.  And we’re looking forward to seeing some of those friends again soon!




finishing:  The Next Right Thing devotional on YouVersion.  Two friends and I did this as a group.  We like how the YouVersion app allows us to easily discuss each day’s devotion by posting comments.  If you want a sample of how powerful Emily P. Freeman’s book The Next Right Thing is, I highly recommend doing this seven-day devotional.  You’ll be hooked and will want to order the book immediately!  (The devotional is HERE  The book is HERE.  And my review of the book is HERE.)


Thanks for stopping by!  I haven’t forgotten the other posts I promised, and I hope to get them posted in the next couple of days!  I hope you’ll come back soon!


I’m sending out a big thank you to Anne at In Residence who hosts this fun linkup every month!  Please take a minute and click through to her blog to see how other folks responded to these same prompts!  What would YOUR responses be?!?
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2 thoughts on “Currently – May 2019

  1. Currently admiring my herbs! I actually growing herbs successfully. I actually harvested lavender, rosemary, and thyme today for dehydration. It smells so lovely! Playing—The Escape Room—just watched it with the family. Pretty intense. Borrowing wisdom on growing plants and herbs from my good friends Tonya and Julie. Remembering our life in Honduras and missing it! Finishing quilt 1 out of 7 for this year.

  2. I am trying very hard to finish up some books and devotionals/Bible studies that I have started but not completed. May is going to be my month of finishing. Although I just decided that yesterday, mid-way through May!! Might have to continue on into June.

    Your iced coffee reminds me of my parents who drank instant iced coffee. Black. Blah! Although, I have to admit, I did get some iced coffee somewhere, quite accidentally and it wasn’t bad. They found it very refreshing on hot Memphis evenings in the summer.

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