Springtime Adventure List – Update 1

Springtime Adventure List – Update 1

It’s time to check in and see how I’m doing on my Springtime Adventure List.  (HERE is my original post and thoughts on each item on the list.)

Take my parents on a mystery trip.  Done!  Click HERE to find out where we went and what we did!

See Casting Crowns in concert.  Done!  We saw Casting Crowns at Daily’s Place in Jacksonville, Florida and had a GREAT time!  Daily’s Place is a fairly new venue.  It’s a beautiful, covered amphitheater that’s attached to the Jacksonville Jaguar’s stadium.  The sound was great, and we had a lovely, warm breeze all evening.  As for the concert itself, wow!  I had forgotten how powerful Crown’s songs are.  They’re meaty and full of Truth.   I loved that the words to all the songs were projected so we could easily sing along.  What a joy it was to worship with so many people!

♦ Travel to England and Scotland!  Coming VERY soon!!!  We are SO excited!  We’ve made all the reservations and booked a couple of super special excursions!  We’re taking this trip in celebration of our…

♦ 30th wedding anniversary!  Hooray!!!  Last week we celebrated our 34th anniversary of our first date!  Next month we’ll celebrate our wedding anniversary!  We’re thankful for all the years God has given us, and we want to celebrate!  I’ve decided we’re going to celebrate all year! #anniversarypalooza  I firmly believe marriage is something be celebrated ALL year, EVERY year!  No matter how many years you’ve been together!

♦ Go on a picnic.  We’ll see if this actually happens.  I was discussing it with my daughter the other day, and she thinks picnics are overrated!  LOL!  Too much work to then be uncomfortable sitting on the ground and dealing with bugs.  You get the picture!  Am I romanticizing the whole picnic thing?!?

♦ Make sourdough bread.  This one will need to wait until after the Scotland trip.

♦ Develop the habit of recording what I’m thankful for and watching for answered prayers.  I’ve made zero progress on actually recording anything in the gratitude section of my prayer journal.  I *AM* seeing answers to prayers, and I *AM* grateful for things.  I’m just still not getting them written down on a regular basis.  Something to keep working on!

♦ Bake kolaches.  We fell in love with these at Yeast Nashville last summer, and I’ve meant to make some ever since.  I need to note this in my bullet journal so I’ll remember to do it!  YUM!  Hopefully I’ll have a tasty update on this next month!

♦ Read one book each month from my #theunreadshelfproject list.  I’m finally reading a second book from this list!  It’s Bri McKoy’s Come and Eat: A Celebration of Love and Grace Around the Everyday Table.  Bri is a joy to watch on Instagram, and she’s a joy to read as well.  This book is about much more than basic, friendly hospitality.  She’s giving me a lot to think about!  Bri shares a delicious recipe at the end of each chapter, and they’re shouting at me to GET IN THE KITCHEN!  In fact, I’ve already tried one of them, and it’s a new family favorite!

See Leah Salonga in concert.  DONE!  What a GREAT night!!!  We’ve been fans of Leah since seeing her in Miss Saigon on London’s West End in 1990 and were just thrilled when we learned that she was performing at the University of Georgia.  She sang some of the expected and hoped for numbers from Les Mis and Miss Saigon, and also sang songs I would never have predicted!  Surprise numbers were a jazzy take on Tracy Chapman’s “Fast Car” and a stripped-down, acoustic version of A-ha’s “Take On Me!”  She knocked every single song out of the park.  I’m SO glad we heard about the concert and snagged tickets immediately!  Bonus memories for this weekend:  We’re camping at a state park in a small town near the concert venue.  Picture campfires, naps, and leisurely walks. 

♦ Reorganize my laundry room.  I made a little headway on this project today!  And THEN I remembered to take “before” pictures.  Ah, well.  There’s still a LOT of work to do!  I’m excited about getting this done!

Alrighty!  That’s it for this update!  Pop back in next week for some pics from the weekend and a “reading lately” post!


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  1. I have been MIA without Internet connectivity in Kentucky caring for my mom. Just now trying to catch up on blog reading. We have a 100 year old yeast starter that has been in the family for, well, about 100 years. The bread it makes is kind of a sourdough. Will look forward to reading about the sourdough you bake. Thinking you might overseas right now. Wishing you safe travels and wonderful experiences.

    My sister and BIL get kolaches in Houston quite often for weekend breakfasts. They are delicious. Would like to learn to make them so I can enjoy them at home.

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