Currently – April 2019

Currently – April 2019

Each month I link up with Anne’s Currently challenge.  She provides five prompts, and participants share what they’re currently doing relative to those prompts.  I enjoy writing these, and I hope you enjoy reading them!  It’s fun to see how everyone interprets the prompts and replies to them.


This month’s prompts are experiencing, appreciating, wish listing, posting, and considering.  I am CURRENTLY…

experiencing spring in Georgia, both the good and the bad of it!  There’s nothing like all the shades of green in the new leaves on the trees, and both trees and flowers alike are sporting gorgeous blooms.  Also, POLLEN!!!   Which leads to near-daily sinus headaches for this girl.  And THAT means I am…

appreciating Sudafed!  I mean the behind-the-counter Sudafed!  Boy, am I thankful for this stuff!

bunny pan
Photo from King Arthur Flour.

wish listing kitchen stuff, as always!  I’m drooling over instant-read thermometers like this one, but that price tag!  Ouch!  And I’m trying to decide if I’m wish listing or black listing this bunny pan!  I mean, the bunny cakes are super cute, but it seems wrong to eat them!  What say YOU?!?

We took my parents on a mystery trip to see Shenandoah at Serenbe Playhouse!

posting the story of our recent mystery trip!  SO much fun!  And soon I’m posting a new list of things I’m loving right now.  (It’s a good one!)


considering how grateful I am for all the years my husband and I have had together.  It’s crazy, y’all!  This month we’ll celebrate the 34th anniversary of our first date!  I was 15 and in 10th grade.  He was 17 and in 12th grade.  Our first date was his senior prom!  In the following years we went to my junior prom AND my senior prom together!  Next month we’ll celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary!  I thank God for all these years He’s given us, and I pray He’ll give us a lot more!

So what are YOU up to these days?  What do you think about eating little bunny cakes?!?  I’d sure like to know!



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6 thoughts on “Currently – April 2019

  1. My youngest son and his girlfriend are both in 10th grade and have been dating for 1 yr and 4 mos. I pray that they stay together forever like you and Gene!! The girlfriend’s mother has laid some excellent ground rules to ensure a drama-free relationship. Love to you and Gene!

  2. Congrats on such a long and loving marriage! I just clicked over to read about your mystery trip – what fun! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Tanya, and thanks for your kind words! We thank God for helping us work through the hard times and for gifting us with so many fun times!

  3. Congratulations on a blessed marriage. I think I have been married over 30 years – all marriages totaled. Waaaa! I know marriage is hard work and that sticking together through thick and thin is trying at times. Bravo to you both!!

    Enjoyed the post about your mystery trip with your parents. So glad you guys did that together.

    I am thankful that allergy season doesn’t bother me too much. My doc recommends spraying Flonase every morning and somehow that makes the difference. Thankful you have Sudafed!

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