Things I’ve Learned – March 2019

Things I’ve Learned – March 2019

I’ve been wanting to do a “Things I’ve Learned” post for just FOREVER, and I’m finally making it happen!  Hooray!  Here are several things I’ve learned lately.

◊Meteorological spring begins on March 1 while astronomical spring begins on or around March 20, on the vernal equinox.  I’ve said for YEARS that the “official” seasons are off a bit and that, for instance, spring should actually be March, April, and May.  Who knew that the meteorological folks were waaaaaay ahead of me?!?

◊The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Orlando is every bit as wonderful as I hoped it would be!  Happy gasps abounded (seriously!), and some happy tears sneaked up on me too!  Y’all!

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◊My husband loves me.  Okay, I already knew this, but he showed sacrificial love yet again at Universal!  Simulators make him sick, but he didn’t want me to have to ride Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey by myself.  So THIS is how he rode it!  With his eyes closed and concentrating on steady breathing so he didn’t get sick!  I mean!!!



◊Big Ben’s chimes have been silent since August 21, 2017 and won’t ring again until 2021?!?  What in the world?!?  That little corner of London, called Westminster–standing on the bridge by the Houses of Parliament, looking over toward Big Ben (technically The Elizabeth Tower) and Westminster Abbey–is one of my favorite places on earth.  I can’t imagine not hearing the chimes!  When Emily P. Freeman shared this info in Episode 71 of The Next Right Thing podcast, I was flabbergasted!

◊I was also gobsmacked to learn that there are lyrics to the Westminster Chimes!  “All through this hour, Lord be my Guide. And by thy power, no foot shall slide.”  Wow!  Thanks, Emily, for teaching me new things about one of my favorite places in the whole wide world…and for using that info to teach me more about discernment and doing my next right thing!  (If you guys crave discernment and wisdom in decision making, check out Emily’s new book The Next Right Thing: A Simple, Soulful Practice for Making Life Decisions.)


◊Lastly, I learned that the tradition of giving eggs at Easter stems from the practice of giving up eggs during Lent!  How did I not know that?!?  Oh, because I’m just now, at 49 years old, exploring more of the liturgical calendar.  I learned this fun tidbit from Erin Moon.  I’m going to walk through Lent with Erin via her guide, O Heavy Lightness: A Guide for Lent and Holy Week.  It’s beautiful and clever and profound…and I’ve only worked through the intro sections!  I’m eager to follow these devotionals/studies over the next few weeks.  Want to join us?!?  Click HERE!


Hooray for learning new things!  What have YOU learned lately?!?

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