Springtime Adventure List – 2019

Springtime Adventure List – 2019


It’s springtime!  Hooray for a new season and new leaves and new adventures!  I’m taking a cue from my friend and fellow blogger Leslie and am making a list of things I want to do this season.  Here we go!

♦ Take my parents on a mystery trip.  Already done!  We took my parents on a mystery trip last weekend!  They agreed to let us set the whole trip up without knowing where we were going or what we were going to do!  We all had a great time!  Come back tomorrow, and I’ll tell you all about it!  (How’s that for a teaser?!?)  Edited to add:  Click HERE to find out where we went and what we did!

♦ See Casting Crowns in concert.  This is on the agenda for this weekend!

♦ Travel to England and Scotland!  Wooohooooo!  We’ll be making this trip in a couple of months.  Planning is done.  Reservations are made.  Now we just get the fun of anticipation!  This trip will be in celebration of our…

♦ 30th wedding anniversary!  *happy sigh*  We’re thankful for all the years God has given us, and we want to celebrate!  I’ve decided we’re going to celebrate all year! #anniversarypalooza  I firmly believe marriage is something be celebrated ALL year, EVERY year!  No matter how many years you’ve been together!

♦ Go on a picnic.  Y’all.  I’ve lost count of how many seasonal adventure lists this has been on, and we’ve STILL not made it happen!  The weather right now is perfect.  I wonder if I could pull off a surprise picnic with my husband and daughter?  Hmmmmm.  Stay tuned!

♦ Make sourdough bread.  I think this one will need to wait until after the Scotland trip, but I really want to do this!

♦ Develop the habit of recording what I’m thankful for and watching for answered prayers.  This year I’m using Val Marie Paper’s yearly prayer journal as a tool to help me be more intentional about praying.  I’m thankful that is HAS, indeed, been a valuable tool!  Now that I have some of the basics down, I want to start using the Gratitude section of the journal, and I want to do better about recording the answers to my prayers.

♦ Bake kolaches.  We fell in love with these at Yeast Nashville last summer, and I’ve meant to make some ever since.

♦ Read one book each month from my #theunreadshelfproject list.  So far I’ve finished exactly ONE book from this list!  (This reminds me that I need to actually post this list here!)

♦ See Leah Salonga in concert.  This is on the agenda for next month.  We’ve been fans of Leah since seeing her in Miss Saigon on London’s West End almost 30 years ago!

♦ Reorganize my laundry room.  Yeah, this one’s not as much fun as the others, but I still want to do it!  I NEED to do it

So there you have it!  Those are the things I hope to accomplish before summer officially begins on June 21.  I hope you’ll drop back in often to see how these adventures go!  I’m eager to share them with you!  You might also want to follow along over on Instagram where I’ll share photos and maybe even a story now and then!  You’ll find me at  @outandback.live.

I hope YOUR spring will hold some fun adventures for you too! Big or small, they’re all important!

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9 thoughts on “Springtime Adventure List – 2019

  1. What a sensational list. So many fun things…a trip to England and Scotland??? On my life-long bucket list, with Ireland thrown in for kicks. Can’t wait to see your pictures and to read all about your trip. Another blogger buddy, Kellyann at This Blonde’s Shopping Bag, is also going to Scotland, Ireland and England this summer. You gals could compare notes.

    Checking out your link to the prayer journal. I use a gratitude journal but when I start praying, I get overwhelmed with all that I want to pray…to ask for for others, to thank God for. I am all over the place. Thinking this journal might help.

    No mention of camping. Or kayaking. Maybe those are givens to your spring? Or maybe that’s the surprise trip you took your parents on? I want to do a real picnic, too. Really want to use our hand-me-down basket and spread a blanket and have ants (just a few) and read books and kiss a little!!

    Sourdough bread, yes! Kolaches, yes, yes!!

    Great list, sweet friend. Can’t wait to follow along on your progress. Thank you for the kind mention. Glad to call you friend. XO

    1. Leslie, you’re just the BEST! Thanks for being a faithful reader and commenter!

      Prayer journal: They have a 6-month journal that you could try. Praying for a couple of sections each day has helped make it more manageable for me. And once I write something down I remember it, so I’m finding that I’m praying for things all during the day as God brings them back to mind.

      We ARE hoping to squeeze in a little camping here and there. Kayaking would be nice too!

      I think your definition of a picnic is PERFECT! Yes! That is what I want!

      We’re eager to go back “home” to England and visit our friends there. Of course we plan to revisit my beloved London as well. We never got much time in Scotland when we lived in England, so we’re excited to explore new sights there. I’ll tell you a secret! We have some kayaking and canoeing planned whilst we’re there!!! I am SO excited!

  2. I love your list Michael Ann, especially taking your parents on a mystery trip. What fun! Enjoy your spring and have fun on your trip to England and Scotland. Oh, and congratulations on 30 years of marriage!

  3. Wow, what a list! I hope you get to accomplish each and every item on that list. I can’t wait to hear all about your trip. I’m borrowing your #theunreadshelfproject. My book shelves are sagging from their weight!

    Regarding your laundry room: are you following The Home Edit on IG? I have just discovered their videos on YouTube and I’ve been binge-watching them. Very inspiring!

    Hopefully you’ll add another trip to Thomasville since I missed you last time. Love you, friend!

    1. Hey, Mary Jane! Thanks for stopping by and for taking the time to leave a note! Thanks TOO for telling me about The Home Edit. I’ll check it out! And you KNOW I’ll be back in Thomasville before too long! Or you could come to Savannah!!!

  4. I know I read this post but never did comment as I was on my phone… You’ve been checking things off the list for SURE!

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