Voilà! February 2019

Voilà! February 2019

This mid-winter time of year can be tough, y ‘all!  The cold.  The dark.  The sickness.  The dark.  The post-holiday letdown.  The dark.  These things can drag us down.   Today I want to focus on things that I’m loving right now!  “The Good List” as Tsh Oxenreider calls it!

Salt Fat Acid Heat, a documentary on Netflix.  This stunningly beautiful show whisks me off to different parts of the world and explores the basics of good cooking.  Since travel and food are my two primary love languages, this show is totally working for me!  I’ve purchased the book (same title), and I’m eager to further explore the lessons Chef Samin Nosrat teaches with such grace and humor.  Also, I want her to move into my guest room for a while so I can hang out and cook with her!

Get-togethers with friends.  This seems to be a good time of year for this, perhaps because we tend to have a little white space on our calendars right now.  Last night my husband and I met up with a dear friend of mine and her husband.  Susan and I met online via Get Your Pretty On and have become friends and prayer partners in real life!  Hallelujah!  And BONUS:  the four of us–Susan, our husbands, and myself–all “click!”  Isn’t it a special joy when that happens!

Next weekend I have a reading vacation with different friends who also have a shared love of Get Your Pretty On as well as Sonlight, Modern Mrs. Darcy, and reading in general.  Hooray!  The party will start when Donna escapes snowy New England and flies into Savannah.  The fun will then shift further south to Jacksonville where we’ll meet up with Sheila and Lisa.  Cue the bookish conversations, good food, and yes, quiet time for reading.  I’m a happy girl!

Other random things:  King Arthur Flour’s Baker’s Hotline.  (I’ll explain that one another time!)  Worship at my church.  The afternoon light in Savannah.   Hours at a local art museum with my daughter.  The book A Snicker of Magic by Natalie Lloyd.  All of these have brought happiness into this cold, dark time of year, and I’m grateful!

I’m looking forward to sharing lists like this at other times of year as well!  Also, coming soon on the blog, an update of what I’ve read this year so far.

For now, what are some things on YOUR Good List these days?!?

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4 thoughts on “Voilà! February 2019

  1. Being home is on my good list. There is no place like it! And getting back on routine. Back to eating better (not counting today), back to the gym, back to reading and quiet time. Yay for your visit to the art museum with your daughter.

    Who are you meeting up for the reading vacation? Can’t wait to learn more and see pictures and read book reviews. Sounds like a delightful weekend.

  2. I love reading your Good List! A few things on my list now (post reading retreat): a hubby on board with my eating plan, workout challenges, a getaway with my mom to her friend’s house (which will hopefully translate into more reading time for me!)

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