Autumn Adventures 2018: Final Update

Autumn Adventures 2018: Final Update


Autumn officially ended on December 21, and I’m late in sharing the final update on my Autumn Adventure goals.  You can see the original list HERE, the first update HERE, and the second update HERE.  (If you want the fun scoop on how each adventure went, you’ll want to read those updates!)


1.  All the camping and hiking! ✅ We’ve been camping multiple times this autumn and were actually back at the KOA West in Chattanooga after Christmas for a few days of fun and planning/praying for 2019.  We stayed in a KOA camping cabin this time since the tent area was closed.  (The cabin kept us toasty and dry during the four inches of rain that flooded the area!)

2.  Attend Nest Fest. 


3.  Attend a Christmas concert. ✅ We and some friends saw The Fabulous Equinox Orchestra‘s Christmas show in Savannah and had a GREAT time! I love dressing up, and my sweet husband played along just for me! This group has a fabulous big band sound. Man, do they know how to put on a show! I do love a good crooner and they sure have one in Clay Johnson.

4.  Go on a progressive date in downtown Savannah with Gene.

5.  Have friends over so we can get to know their families better. ✅ We enjoyed smore’s and snacks with friends just last night!

6.  Have some one-on-one coffee dates or baking time with friends.

7.  Go kayaking at least twice. ❎ This one just didn’t work thanks to all the rain we’ve had. And thanks to a very crazy surprise!

8.  Enjoy Christmas shopping and have it (mostly) finished by Thanksgiving. ❎ ✅ I’m giving myself partial credit on this one. I didn’t have my shopping done by Thanksgiving, but I DID have most of it done before Advent began!

9.  Celebrate Advent. ✅ This was the most meaningful Advent season I’ve ever celebrated. And now I’m enjoying the 12 days of Christmas! Hooray!

10.  Implement The Nester’s cozy minimalism ideas for decorating my home for autumn and Christmas.

11.  Do the GYPO Fall Style Challenge.  ✅ And now I’m enjoying the winter challenge!

12.  Prepare and mail Christmas cards to family and friends. ✅❎ I prepared them, but I haven’t mailed them yet!  It’s only the eighth day of Christmas!

13.  Make sourdough bread. ❎ Didn’t happen, and I’m okay with it!  I’ll circle back to this another time.

14.  Go on a picnic. ❎ Yeah, this one never happened!  Whomp whomp!  This seemed like such a simple thing!

As we begin this new year, I want to thank you for stopping by!  I’m still reflecting on 2018 and deciding what all I’d like to do in 2019, but I do know that I’d love to be more consistent in blogging.  I have SO many posts in my head, and I look forward to sharing them here at OutAndBack!  I hope you’ll subscribe and pop back in often! 

Happy New Year!

~Michael Ann

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5 thoughts on “Autumn Adventures 2018: Final Update

  1. You did so well on so many of your activities. Love the idea of s’mores and snacks with new friends. We need some friends desperately. But they need to be people we like! Ha!

    Hoping 2019 brings you many more camping and kayaking adventures, lots of good books to read, bread and time to bake it and coffee dates with baking buds.

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