Currently – December 2018

Currently – December 2018


It’s time to play CURRENTLY!  Bloggers from all over the interwebs respond to the same set of prompts, and it’s fun to see how everyone spins it!  Click over to Anne In Residence to see how other bloggers responded to the prompts!


GIFTING:  Myself some time to write.  I love telling stories whether in person or here on the blog, yet I don’t always allow myself time to write.  I’m trying to do better about that!  More Christmas-y answer:  I’m gifting two really cool things to my husband!  That’s all I can say for now, but I think he’s REALLY going to like them!



BAKING:  Oh goodness, I want to bake ALL the things this time of year!  My youngest sister ordered me to bring shortbread for Thanksgiving dinner, so I baked a double batch…and then forgot to take it out of my bag!  HA!  I found it after I got back to my house!  It sure was good!  I hate that she didn’t get any!  More Christmas-y answer:  I haven’t started my official Christmas baking yet, but an apple cake is sure to appear pretty soon!  And that will be followed by pumpkin pie and something out of the holiday issue of Sift, an amazing magazine from King Arthur Flour.



SINGING:  “Hand to Hold” by JJ Keller.  I *just* discovered this woman and her amazing music, and wowzers is she blessing this mama’s heart.  My “kiddos” are in their 20s, and/but I’m all kinds of emotional over them these days for various wonderful reasons.  (Thankfully my sweet Gene is lavishly providing hugs and tissues.  I love that man.)  Anyway, this whole album (I Dream of You Vol. 2) is proving to be balm for my soul during this tricky time of year.  (Thank you, Coley Kuyper, for sharing the clip of JJ singing “It’s Such a Good Day” on your Insta-story!  I’ll be forever grateful!)  More Christmas-y answer:  I can’t get over the new Christmas song “Come See” by Laurel Taylor.


MAILING: Christmas presents to Alaska…to my son and his brand new bride!  (The previous paragraph becomes a little clearer now, doesn’t it!)  She’s wonderful, y’all, and I’m so happy she’s a part of Team Rentz!  Their first Christmas together!  *happy sigh!*



DECORATING:  Our house for Christmas with my sweet, beautiful daughter.  We’re taking it slowly this year.  I’m telling you though, doing ANYTHING with this woman is a hoot!  I thank God for her and her Sahara-dry wit!  Hopefully we’ll get some ornaments on the tree tomorrow.  Belly laughs are bound to happy at some point in this process!  More Christmas-y answer:  I’m LOVING my new Advent calendar from Coley Kuyper!  You can see a couple more shots of it HERE.  I’ll be sharing my cozy minimalist autumn-to-winter transition here in the next few days, so be sure to pop back in for that!

What are YOU gifting, baking, singing, mailing, and decorating???  I’d love to hear!  Leave a comment!


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  1. Ooooh heading over to look up those songs now!! I wish I could taste some of your delicious baking again ❤

    1. Grab some tissues to go with those songs!!! Please let me know what you think! I’m just basking in the peacefulness of JJ’s album. And Come See too! *happy sigh” I would love to bake for you!!! ❤️

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