Currently – November 2018

Currently – November 2018

Thanks for stopping by Out and Back!  Today I’m linking up with Anne at In Residence for her monthly CURRENTLY link up!  I love to see how we all respond to the same set of prompts!  I’m going to keep my responses short and sweet since I owe you some posts about some cool autumn, home decor, and travel stuff!


appreciating podcasts that challenge me.  The Bible Binge positively makes me hyperventilate AND challenges me to slow my roll and consider Bible stories from a non-flannelgraph perspective.  It’s been good for me.  And hard!  (But, y’all, the So What Who Cares for the David season has made me weep.  In the very best way.  Whew.)   The Next Right Thing always gives me permission to relax and spend some time with my friend Jesus.  Host Emily’s spiritual gift is, apparently, making me nearly run off the road whilst driving/listening because of the truth of what she shares and the power in her prayers.  Mercy!  Those are just two examples!

researching a little more about the liturgical calendar thanks to Tsh over at The Simple Show.  I discovered Advent and Lent as an adult, and they’ve become important parts of my life.  I just realized there was more where those came from!  It’s intriguing, and it’s stretching me!

posting updates on my Autumn Adventures really soon!  We had an amazing camping trip to Chattanooga last weekend!  I can’t wait to tell you about that AND to follow up on other exciting stuff I’ve been wanting to share!

getting tired of Hallmark Christmas movies.  NOT!!!  I love them all!

cooking autumny goodness!  I’m on a major soup kick, and I want to bake ALL things apple and cinnamon and pumpkin!  I baked Pumpkin Streusel Coffeecake earlier this week, and we all enjoyed that!  Recipe HERE.

What are YOU up to these days?!?


appreciating, researching, posting, getting, and cooking.

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