Funny Kayaking Story

Funny Kayaking Story

When I shared my Autumn Adventures Update a few days ago, I told you I had a funny story to tell you!  One of the items on my Autumn Adventures list is to go kayaking twice.  Gene and I love to paddle at George L. Smith State Park which is about an hour or so from us.  We’ve been several times but never when the cypress trees change color for fall.  I’m determined to get pictures of that.

Speaking of pictures, here are some of my favorite pictures from earlier trips.






Gene loaded up the kayaks a few weekends ago, and we headed to George L. Smith.  We got there, parked, and he headed over to pay for parking when we both glanced over at the water and cocked our heads to the side trying to make sense of what we were seeing!


Right?!?  What in the world?!?

Turns out they had had to drain the pond to do repairs on the Parish Mill, a combination gristmill, saw mill, covered bridge, and dam built in 1880.  And now it looks like something out of Lord of the Rings!




Here’s the thing.  We were totally bummed that we weren’t able to get on the water, BUT we’re glad we went!  If we had seen the heads up on their website, we wouldn’t have gone, and we would have missed this amazing view of what’s usually covered by water!

You can see in the last photo that the cypress and tupelo trees are beginning to change color!  We don’t get a lot of autumn color this far south, so we celebrate what little we DO get!  And yes, cypress trees ARE deciduous!  Cool, huh?!?  Their “needles” are actually leaves!

So that’s our funny, non-kayaking story!  Now we pray for rain to fill this beautiful mill pond back up so we can kayak here again sometime next year!

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