Currently – October 2018

Currently – October 2018


We’re tiptoeing into autumn here in Coastal Georgia, and it’s time for another Currently link-up with Anne of In Residence!  I always enjoy seeing everyone’s takes on the SAME prompts!  So much fun!  Here’s what *I* am CURRENTLY…

WEARING fantastic outfits from the Get Your Pretty On Fall Style Challenge.  I’ve mentioned these challenges several times here.  Participants are given a list of items to gather, and then 21+ outfits are created from those items.  We have a private Facebook groups where the ladies can share photos of their outfits.  I enjoy seeing how ladies all over the world, in all kinds of weather, with all kinds of body shapes style the same formula but with their own spin!  Here are a few of my outfits from Week One of the challenge.






COLLECTING items for my birthday and Christmas wish lists.  My family likes having some ideas to choose from, so I try to oblige!  Here are a couple of things I’ve added recently.  This prayer journal.  And this necklace.


MAKING small changes inside my home to reflect the changing season outside my home.  I’m learning a lot from The Nester’s “The Cozy Minimalist Does Fall” class, and one of the things I learned is that just as summer does not change to autumn overnight, neither must my home decor.  I’ve found myself curating my home more than decorating.  I’ve slowly removed more “summery” items and have left some spaces empty for a bit.  Then I’ve bit by bit brought in more “autumny” things.  Most of them have been free, either from bringing them in from the woods or from moving things around in the house.  This process is bringing me much joy!

If you want a peek at my this process, you can pop over to my Instagram page and follow along as I (and a lot of others!) do The Nester’s #mycozyfallhome challenge!

TAKING allergy meds!  Autumn pollen is no joke, y’all!


PLANNING camping trips!  As I mentioned in my Autumn Adventures post, we’re excited about getting outside and doing some camping and hiking now that the heat is abating a little bit.  We plan to go to Charlotte for a few days; I’ll go to the Nest Fest while my sweet man hits up some NASCAR garages.  Then we hope to get up to Chattanooga for a few days.  We’re hoping to see some autumn color!

So that’s what I’m up to right now!  Pop back in soon to get the rest of the story on our Nashville trip!



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4 thoughts on “Currently – October 2018

  1. Love your floral prints! And that burgundy color is so pretty on you. Also love this idea of “curating” rather than decorating. This has me looking around my living room right now, thinking…hmmmmm.

  2. Yay for autumn camping trips and the blog posts that will follow so I can share in the fun! Have enjoyed your fall kimono looks. I have clicked on the link to the boutique you have shared but they are sold out – good for them – when I head over there. You wear them so well! Would love to find one with maple leaves and oak leaves in fall colors or acorn print!

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