Currently – September 2018

Currently – September 2018

It’s way past time for me to join in on Anne’s monthly Currently link up!  This month’s prompts are starting,  buying,  sharing,  reading,  and recording.






starting to crave all things autumn!  Man, I’m ready for fall!  Temps are still in the high 80s here in Savannah, Georgia, but that’s a blessed relief from all the 90s and 100s of the last few months!  I *might* have baked a pumpkin pie today.  And I *might* be burning the Fall Harvest candle I just bought from Antique Candles Works.  And maybe the four candles in their Autumn Sampler set!  Ahem.  Moving on…



buying a few new fall items for my closet.  The Fall GYPO Capsule Wardrobe is my favorite, and it opens this Friday, September 7!  I’ll post the sign-up link here and on Instagram Friday morning.  If you want some help choosing some classic pieces you’ll be able to wear for years to come, along with some fun, trendy pieces, you should join me!  We shop our closets for the items on the clothing/accessories list, and then we shop wherever we’d like to fill in the gaps.  Then we’re given 21 outfit formulas using the items on the list, so if you don’t like deciding what to wear every morning, you too should join me!  Did I mention it’s a lot of fun?!?  Hit me up with questions you may have so I can convince you to be a part of the party!



sharing my life (and my son!) with my fabulous new daughter-in-law!!!  And I’m thrilled to pieces about it!  She’s wonderful!  I thank God for her and for their new marriage.



reading Anne Bogel’s new book, I’d Rather Be Reading: The Delights and Dilemmas of the Reading Life.  It arrived in the mail today, and y’all, I’m smitten.  Truly.  This reads like I’m sitting on the sofa with my bestie, discussing book life together!  Smitten, I tell you!  You can order it from one of my favorite indies, The Bookshelf, like I did!  Or maybe get it from an independent bookstore in your local area.



recording (as in writing down) Christmas gift ideas as they come to mind.  When we lived overseas, we had to ship Christmas gifts to family in the States before Thanksgiving.  I want to have my shopping done by Thanksgiving this year so that I can be free to slow down during those magical holiday weeks and savor Advent and all the fun that Christmas brings.

So what are YOU currently up to?!?  I’d love for you to let me know in the comments section below!

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7 thoughts on “Currently – September 2018

  1. Well, nice to see you! And to see so many things I love here too… capsule wardrobes, The Bookshelf, gaining fab new family members – all so great!

  2. Congratulations on your son’s marriage. Is that a photo from their ceremony? If so, it is lovely. Well, it is lovely no matter what. But would like to think it is them.

    Look at you getting organized with lists of Christmas gift ideas. Will your children all be home for the holidays? I never know who is going to be where until shortly before Christmas so I kind of wait to see if I am mailing gifts or the kids will have to pack their gifts to take home on the plane.

    Will add the book you mentioned to my Goodreads list. I am certain it will speak to me, too.

    1. Thank you! And yes, that photo IS from their wedding! Our daughter was the photographer, and this is one of my favorite shots.

      My son will not be home for Christmas since he’s stationed far away. That’s the way it goes in military families sometimes! We’re thankful he was home a few days this month.

      Thanks for stopping by, Leslie!

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