Autumn Adventures 2018

Autumn Adventures 2018

Hooray for autumn!!!  Here in Coastal Georgia we don’t get much autumn color, but we DO get temperatures under 90 degrees!  Sometimes.  Eventually.  Still, it’s a special time of year because we can actually get outside and enjoy it!  Outdoor activities feature prominently in my Autumn Adventures list, so let’s get to it!


Here are the adventures I hope to enjoy this autumn:

1.  All the camping and hiking!  Yes!  We have trips planned to Hendersonville, North Carolina; Chattanooga, Tennessee; and Charlotte, North Carolina.  As you may remember, we camp in a tent, so summertime camping is no fun at all in our southern weather.  We’re looking forward to cool evenings and campfires!

2.  Attend Nest Fest.  I’m a relatively new fan of Myquillyn Smith, a.k.a. The Nester.  She’s an author who is teaching me how to more confidently make my home pretty AND comfortable.  I can’t wait to tell you more about her and her new book!  I am SO excited about attending Nest Fest, an event she hosts at her home near Charlotte, North Carolina!

3.  Attend a Christmas concert.

4.  Go on a progressive date in downtown Savannah with Gene.

5.  Have friends over so we can get to know their families better.  I’m thinking grilling out, sitting outside and enjoying time together.

6.  Have some one-on-one coffee dates or baking time with friends.

7.  Go kayaking at least twice.

8.  Enjoy Christmas shopping and have it (mostly) finished by Thanksgiving.  I did this when we were stationed in Germany and had to mail gifts back to the States by Thanksgiving so that they’d be delivered in time for Christmas.  I liked having that wrapped up (see what I did there?!?) and then being able to focus on Advent.

9.  Celebrate Advent.  The lead-up to Christmas is one of my favorite times of years.  What a joy to celebrate what God did for us!

10.  Implement The Nester’s cozy minimalism ideas for decorating my home for autumn and Christmas.

11.  Do the GYPO Fall Style Challenge.  More on that HERE.

12.  Prepare and mail Christmas cards to family and friends.

13.  Make sourdough bread.  I’ve been meaning to try this forever.  Now’s the time!

14.  Go on a picnic.  This was on my Springtime Adventure List, but it didn’t happen.  And then SUMMER happened.  Autumn weather brings a new opportunity to get out there and do this!

Woohooo!  I’m excited!  What are YOU hoping to do this fall?  Click on the links below to get some great ideas from my bloggy friends!

Last thing!  Come back soon to see how my Summertime Adventure List went!  Did I finally FINALLY write a real letter?!?  I’ll post a final update this weekend!

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14 thoughts on “Autumn Adventures 2018

  1. That’s an ambitious list, but I can feel your enthusiasm for it. I also try to get all (or most) of my Christmas shopping done before Thanksgiving. That way, I can enjoy my favorite parts of the holiday–music, food, decorations, parties–without stress. Also, I avoid the masses at the mall. Happy fall and good luck!

  2. Amazing to be able to go camping and have a picnic in autumn/fall. It’s already a lot colder (and raining!) in the UK and autumn doesn’t start for a few hours. Nice ideas, I must check out “The Nester.” Greetings from London, UK

    1. Thanks for stopping by! Autumn is still pretty hot here. We just went to the beach but lasted only and hour and half because it was a bit too hot. Next month should be better! LOL! Rainy days make us homesick for Europe. We had the 3 years in England and a total of 10 in Germany. We miss it!

  3. Great list!! Your Christmas cards can count for sending snail mail that you have wanted to do. Can’t wait to read about your progressive date. Nest Fest looks amazing. So many pretty things. My BFF lives in Oklahoma City where there is a store called The Feathered Nest. It has so many interesting different antiques, vintage pieces, odds and ends for sale. A lot like Nest Fest. That will be great fun. Always enjoy your camping and kayaking photos and posts. Looking forward to your follow up posts!!

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