Summertime Adventure List

Summertime Adventure List

Summer is here, y’all!  Temperatures are so high here in Savannah we’re under heat advisories every afternoon.  I’m not even joking!  Since today is the first full day of summer, I thought I’d share my Summertime Adventure List.  I’m keeping it short and sweet this time since I’ll be on the road the next four weeks.


This summer I want to:

1.  Bake something special.  It’s been a while since I made something special, and I think it’s about time.  Now, what to bake?!?

2.  Read as much as possible, both books and blogs.  I’ve read some great books lately (blog post on that coming soon!), but I’m massively behind on my blog reading.

3.  Write some letters.  I know, I know!  This has been on my list the last several seasons, and I’ve still not done it!  I’m going to try again!

4.  Eat at a new-to-us restaurant in Savannah.  So so so so many to choose from!

5.  Watch a movie.  I’ve not watched a movie in a long time!  Maybe I’ll even watch two or three this summer!  Bonus points!

Want to know how things went on my Springtime Adventure List?!?  Pop back in tomorrow for that FINAL update!  As a tease, you can read the initial list HERE, the first update HERE, and the second update HERE!

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8 thoughts on “Summertime Adventure List

  1. I’ve only been to Savannah once, but I so loved it! I would definitely like to go again–maybe not in the middle of summer though. 🙂 Sitting in a nice cool theater sounds perfect during your heatwave. Enjoy everything on your summer list!

  2. I would love to bake something just for fun, too. I need to finish a book that I am almost done with, I’ve been reading it for 3 months and I just need to take some time to finish it! Lol! It was a long one. Trying a new restaurant sounds nice too!


  3. You are going to get those snail mail letters written this season. I can feel it! Send postcards from your travels. That would count. Send me one!!

    I remember that gorgeous bread or dessert/pastry you baked several months ago. Maybe you try baking something similar. It was bakery-perfect.

    We have had miserably hot temps for weeks. This coming week the temps will be over 100 everyday but Tuesday. But we have practically no humidity where I imagine you guys are dripping in Savannah.

    Looking forward to your outfits on Thursday. XO

  4. I love how you kept your list short and simple. And I really enjoy the read the books and blogs. Sometimes I feel like I don’t have enough time to read the blogs I enjoy! Need to remember this for next time.

    1. Thanks for stopping by! Is there EVER enough time to do all the reading we want to do?!? I’m pretty sure the answer is NO! LOL! So many books and stuff to read!

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