Springtime Adventure List – Update 2

Springtime Adventure List – Update 2


Goodness gracious!  I’ve written seven blog posts in my head, but apparently I never wrote them HERE!  And now it’s time for another update on my Springtime Adventure list!  That’s a perfect place to get started again.

I wrote a list of things I wanted to do during this spring, and I posted it HERE.  The first update is posted HERE, and now I’ll fill you in on the last few weeks’ adventures.

•Go camping at least two times.  DONE!  And we have another trip scheduled!  We’re headed to one of our favorites, Hendersonville, North Carolina to try out a new-to-us campground and to hang out in the Hersonville/Asheville area.

•Organize the laundry room.  This is on my agenda for this week.  My husband and I discussed our strategy yesterday, and I’m ready to get it done.

•Have a picnic in Forsyth Park in Savannah.  This one STILL hasn’t happened, and days are only getting hotter.

•Continue meeting up with friends IRL.  DONE and continuing the fun!

•Write at least 2 letters each month.  *crickets still chirping*  This goal is proving to be my nemesis!  WHY is this so HARD?!?

•Do the GYPO Spring Style Challenge.  DONE!  And the summer capsule releases this Friday!!!  I have a post written (in my head) and photos ready (really!) for a post this week, so be watching for this!  I’ll share a teaser for a simple, easy-breezy, CUTE summer outfit!

•Go to the beach at least two times.  Halfway there!  We took a spur-of-the-moment trip to Panama City Beach, Florida a couple of weeks ago and spent a couple of hours on the beach.  The wind!  The waves!  I was one happy girl!

This is the beach on Tyndall Air Force Base near Panama City Beach, Florida! Pretty sweet!

I was also a happy mom!  Our son lives near Anchorage, Alaska, but he was in Panama City Beach on a business trip!  We were thrilled to be able to spend some time with him!

•Read at least two books for Modern Mrs. Darcy’s Reading Challenge.  Done!  Last month I checked off the “book of poetry” category.  This month I read Ordinary Grace by William Kent Krueger.  It was recommended to me by the bookseller at G. J. Ford Bookshop, an indie bookstore on St. Simons Island just down the Georgia coast from me.  So now I can check off THAT category!

My friend Sheila and I like to visit indie bookstores together! You can follow her on Instagram at @makingthemostofeverydayblog

Ordinary Grace was a heavy read but well worth the heartache.  The grown Frank tells about the summer when he was 13, a summer when his small community was rocked by multiple deaths.  I enjoyed the perspective of a grown man looking back, thinking through why he had done what he did and how he felt about it now.  This story struck me as being painfully honest.  As a boy Frank did things we’ve all done: lied to our parents, treated our siblings unfairly, made friends with adults, and learned that some adults will let us down and some will help us through the whole growing up thing.  I appreciate how he worked things out with his parents, how nobody was perfect but they did their best to stay close.

Frank was a preacher’s kid like I am, so that brought another whole level of emotion for me.  Whether you’re a PK or not, consider reading this great book.  You’ll find deep pearls of insight tucked inside a beautifully told story.

•Go kayaking.  Goodness gracious!  We’ve scheduled this four different times, and we’ve STILL not gotten out on the water!  The weather and tides just have NOT worked in our favor.  Yes, the tides play a big role if we want to get out on the Ogeechee River.  We’re so close to the coast that the river is tidal.  If we don’t want to paddle against the tide, we have to really careful about what time we put in and which direction we go first.  We learned that lesson the hard way!

•Work travel.  Halfway done! I head to Richmond, Virginia next month for the Virginia Homeschool Convention.  That will be event two of five for this year.

We have one more month of spring!  This time next month I’ll let you know if I checked all the boxes on my Springtime Adventure List and will share my Summertime Adventure List!  It’s time to get planning, I guess!

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5 thoughts on “Springtime Adventure List – Update 2

  1. It sounds like you are making great progress. Good luck on the garage organization. I read Ordinary Grace and loved it! Happy spring and good luck on the rest of your bucket list!

  2. You’re doing great with your list, Michael Ann! Love you beach photo. I was in Destin a few years back. The beach there was fabulous. Enjoy the outdoors when you can.

  3. I giggled at your comment about writing seven blogs in your head. In my head, I had read all of the bucket list posts. Truth be known, I hadn’t read but one of the linked-up posts. Was out of town with my daughter and granddaughter and MEANT to read the posts. That counts, right?

    Always like seeing pics of you and Sheila together. Cannot believe you have been camping twice and to the beach already, too! I have gotten in the pool 3 times. And with temps over 100 in the near future, I am going to be getting in there a lot more.

    My fav indie book store (I even thought I wrote about it in a comment to you) closed several years ago. It was a dusty old house filled to the rooftop with books and puppets and dolls. Sad that it is no longer.

    So glad to have you linking up for this series. Sorry I am such a space cadet!

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