Simple Summer Style

Simple Summer Style

You guys! Kimonos are on trend for this summer, and I’m SO glad! Here’s a super quick idea for a super simple, super cute, super summer outfit!  (Shoutout to the BoldSoul Boutique for the awesome kimono!)

Start with a basic outfit: jeans, a T-shirt, and maybe some flip flops. Simple outfit. Nothing wrong with it. But let’s step it up just a bit!

Add a kimono and cuff the jeans and voilà! A much more put-together look! I added the white Converse sneakers for the extra pop of white. White and navy just scream summer to me!

And if you want to step it up just a bit more, add a fun pair of wedges and a cute pair of earrings!

A few years ago I would NEVER have been able to put this outfit together.  Thanks to the Get Your Pretty On Style Challenges, I can now shop confidently and actually curate my wardrobe instead of wasting money shopping all willy nilly!  GYPO keeps me in the loop on trends and also provides classic alternatives for me to consider.  The Style Challenges Summer 2018 Capsule Wardrobe, for example, provides a shopping list of 29 pieces (including accessories + shoes) which are mixed and matched to create 31 days of outfits.  You probably have a lot of the pieces in your closet already!  I always shop my closet first!  (And you aren’t required to buy all the pieces!  Simply start with what you have!)

Don’t like to shop?  This challenge is perfect because it tells you exactly what you need to shop FOR.  You don’t have to figure it out yourself.  And like I said, shop your closet first!

Love to shop?  Have at it, girl!  Shop anywhere you like!  Goodwill, Old Navy or Nordstrom, it’s up to you!

The summer capsule wardrobe challenge is open!  Read more about it HERE or cut to the chase and sign up HERE!

Let me know if you have any questions!



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2 thoughts on “Simple Summer Style

  1. That outfit is so YOU. Especially the sunshine colored shoes. You are just like me, I would never have put the GYPO outfits together on my own. Not sure what I would be wearing these days but it wouldn’t be pretty. Love that kimono. It is so cheerful.

    1. Leslie! Please forgive me for not responding to your comment sooner! Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to comment! And yes! This kimono! It makes me happy! I love the happy colors.

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