Springtime Adventure List – Update 1

Springtime Adventure List – Update 1

Y’all, we are one whole month into spring!  Who knew, right?!?  It’s been an odd spring here in Savannah, but I’m all about cooler temps!  I know a lot of you have had flat-out WINTER for weeks and weeks (months!) on end, and I know you’re weary of it!

Even so, it’s time to check in with my Springtime Adventure List to see what I’ve done.  You can see the original post HERE!


•Go camping at least two times.  DONE!  We camped in Thomasville, Georgia and used that as a base to go to Providence Canyon State Park for a day of hiking.  Wow!  I can’t wait to tell you more about all that, so stay tuned for a full report!  For now I’ll give you a couple of teasers!



We also did a local camping trip here in the Savannah area.  Some friends of ours wanted to try camping, so we snagged two sites at the Savannah South KOA and set up our two amazing Coleman Instant Tents.  I took the 6-man for myself, and they took the 10-man for the 4 of them (two adults and two little boys).  The mom and the boys loved it, and the dad was a great sport!  LOL!  We stayed for 2 nights and then had to pack out in a hurry due to a rain front that suddenly got WAY bigger than predicted!



I need to give a big shoutout to my sweet husband who hauled everything out there for us and set up my tent before the rest of us got out there.  That spared me hefting all the gear out of the car and allowed me to focus on helping them get set up.  Hey, they wanted the full experience!  And then my sweet man camped the second night with us after working a night shift so that he could help us get packed out!  Is it any wonder I love him so?!?

•Organize the laundry room.  I’ve been IN the laundry room a time or two.  That’s about all I have to report on this one!

•Have a picnic in Forsyth Park in Savannah.  I need to put this on the calendar, maybe for a Sunday afternoon after church.  We’ve had about 3 inches of rain today so far, so picnicking in the park will definitely have to wait a few days!

•Continue meeting up with friends IRL.  DONE but more to come!  I’m going to count the camping trip with friends as a meetup!  There’s nothing like sharing a camping trip to grow a friendship!  There’s just something about shared adventures!  Am I right?!?  We also met up with some dear friends for lunch in Savannah one day.  They go all the way back to our high school days!

•Write at least 2 letters each month.  *crickets chirping*

•Do the GYPO Spring Style Challenge.  DONE!  We’re on the last couple of days, and I’ve had a blast, as always.  Here are a few of my favorite outfits.  You may have seen them over on Instagram @outandback.live.

•Go to the beach at least two times.  Hasn’t happened yet.  SOON I hope!

•Read at least two books for Modern Mrs. Darcy’s Reading Challenge.  Most of my reading lately has been for pure enjoyment, not for the challenge.  One that WAS for the challenge was The Singer by Calvin Miller.  It’s the first book in The Singer Trilogy: The Mythic Retelling of the Story of the New Testament.  It’s a narrative poem, so I’m counting it as my book of poetry for the challenge.  If I want to read more options for this category (a book of poetry, a play, or an essay collection), I’ll add them to the list too!  You can follow along with my book choices on THIS POST.

•Go kayaking.  Scheduled for this Saturday even though it’ll be a bit cool (relatively speaking).

•Work travel.  Halfway done! I worked a homeschool convention in Rochester, Minnesota a week or so ago.  Winter Storm Xanto and his blizzard stole the show!  I finally made it home a day and a half late!  I’ll show you some neat pictures later this week!  #skyways #snow #tradeshowsetup

So, I guess I’ve gotten several of my adventures done, but I have a lot to look forward to!  Join us by linking up below or posting some of your spring adventures in the comments below!

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