Voilà! February 2018

Voilà! February 2018


Welcome to OutAndBack!  Today I’m linking up with Anne at Modern Mrs. Darcy where we’re all sharing things that SO working for us right now!


One big game changer for us right now is Prep Dish!    Prep Dish is a subscription-based service that provides me with healthy, delicious meal plans, the grocery lists to go with them, and prep instructions.  This magical combination saves me a LOT of money and LOT of time!  I posted a review yesterday and explained why I love and how I’ve tweaked it my family.  You can read that right HERE!

The other thing that is rocking my world right now is my office trolley!  It’s grown up name is Mobile Command Center!  Believe it or not, I came up with this idea on my own when shopping at IKEA with some friends.  We were talking about home organization, and I had moaned about how my kitchen island functioned (really well) as my command center each day, but that that also meant the island was a total MESS!  What to do?  What to do?

The Raskog utility cart from IKEA.

As we shopped through IKEA, I began paying attention to carts on wheels and finally came upon THIS little cart!  Voilà!!!  There it was!  I brought it home, tried it out, and it worked exactly as I had hoped…and even better!

I use the top bin to hold items that I need to touch almost every day.  My bullet journal, a tin of book darts, projects I’m working on, my blog planner, etc.  I added my mug of colored pencils just because they’re pretty and then ended up using them in my bullet journal!


The second bin holds books and magazines I’m currently reading and the next-up books.

The bottom bin is reserved for my computer.  I keep an extension cord there, as well as my external drive.

So everything I need for day-to-day operations is right there, all together!  I park it beside the hutch in our dining area.  The cool thing is that there’s an electrical outlet right there, so whenever I park the cart, I go ahead and plug my computer in so that it’s ready to go the next time I need it!

I *LOVE* the mobility of the cart!  If I want to work at the island, I just pull it right over.  If I want to work on some stuff in the living room, I just pull it there and park it by the sofa!  And I have everything I need!  I’m not up and down hunting and gathering pens, notebooks, books.  All the things.  I was weary of hunting and gathering.  Anyone else?!?

This WORKS, y’all!  I’m so stinkin’ excited about it!

Apparently I’m not the only one who’s put this little metal miracle into service.  I seldom go to Pinterest, but I wandered over there today, searched “Raskog,” and was blown away by all the ways people are using this cart and how they’re dolling it up!  LOL!  I love mine as is since it’s the perfect shade of one of my favorite colors!

Those are the two biggies for me right now!  What’s working well for you these days?


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11 thoughts on “Voilà! February 2018

  1. Love the cart. Megan uses a similar for baby things. If only I could find a way to deal with mail/paperwork…..

    1. That’s another cool way to use these carts! Did she paint hers? She’s so creative I thought you might! Paperwork, huh? You might could use one of these for that!

  2. I have two carts like that (but from Target), and I use them for all my kids art supplies. The top shelf of one has a bunch of mini-buckets for markers, crayons, glue, scissors, etc., and the other has a paper organizer for construction paper. It’s amazing and finally gives all those miscellaneous supplies a home! And now I kind of want my own for my office, after seeing how nice and organized yours is 🙂

    1. These are SO smart for craft supplies! Full disclosure: my office trolley may not be QUITE that tidy at this very moment! LOL! I still love it though!

  3. I NEED one of these carts! My desk surface is a blitz of papers and supplies right now. Thank you for this genius idea,and for stopping by my blog!

  4. I’m so lad you came up with the cart idea because it’s totally working for me too! I do stash my miscellaneous papers on shelf #2! Keeps the paper clutter off my kitchen island. Now I need to schedule a time to go through it!

  5. Too bad I didn’t read this post the day you published it. We were just at IKEA on Saturday while we were in Seattle (which is our closest one– about 5 hours away). I’m thinking I need me one of these darling little trolleys to organize my leisure-time stuff… journals, pens, crocheting. The thing is, I’m afraid it wouldn’t be long till I had it full-to-overflowing.

    1. Oh no!!! Maybe you can order one online? I hear you on the full-to-overflowing thing. The baskets are a reasonable size, so I’m really hoping to keep it thinned out before it reaches the overflowing stage!

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