This or That – All About Looooove!

This or That – All About Looooove!


Whoop whoop!  It’s time to link up with The Blended Blog for another fun This or That!  And since Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, this round has a decidedly lovey dovey focus!  Sounds good to me!

1. Kisses or Hugs?  Hugs, but I *do* love kisses too!

2.  Candy or Flowers?  May I have both?!?

3.  Baking or Cooking?  Baking something special is always a fun gift.  Cooking a special meal is equally wonderful!

4.  Do I Remember My First Kiss?  Yes.  Moving on…

5.  Favorite Color of Roses?  Daisies!

6.  Conversation Hearts?  They’re fun, but they aren’t very tasty, are they?

7.  Do I Leave Love Notes?  All.  The.  Time.



8.  Do I Decorate for Valentine’s Day?  No.  But my snowmen (winter decorations) are still out.  They’re white and have red scarves.  One of them even has a little red heart on his chest.  Does that count?  Yes.  I say that counts.

9.  Red or Pink?  Hmmmm.  Red.

10.  Milk, White, or Dark Chocolate?  White.  And yes, I’m aware many say it’s not really chocolate.  Throw some coconut in there and hand it to me!

11.  Do I Believe in Love at First Sight?   Crush at first sight?  Maybe.

12.  Do I Give Humorous or Serious Valentine Cards?  Yes.

13.  Favorite Chick Flick or Romantic Comedy?  It’s a tie between Sabrina (1954) and An Affair to Remember (1957).

14.  Stay In Or Go Out?  Go out, for sure!  That way I’m not distracted by laundry!

Well, that was fun!  Happy Valentine’s Day, you guys!  Hooray for celebrating love!

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6 thoughts on “This or That – All About Looooove!

  1. The heart on your snowman totally counts. 😉 An Affair to Remember is great! I haven’t seen Sabrina and should remedy that soon! Wishing you a wonderful week and a happy upcoming Valentine’s Day!
    – Brenda //

  2. Funny answers. I am getting so distracted by all that needs to be done around here and that can’t be done til my foot is better. We need to stay out until then!!!

    I just took down my winter decorations. But red and white snowmen with little hearts are perfect for Valentine’s Day, in my book. My snowmen just didn’t have hearts!!

    Daisies are YOU. Perfect response. I am not all about roses either. Like pansies which don’t come in bouquets much!

    1. I’ve not been in a rush to take down my winter decorations, but with temps in the 70s this week, I’m definitely leaning more springtime these days! Will need to switch stuff out soon. About roses, I love them! I love any flowers my sweet husband gives me, but I do especially like daisies and springtime flowers!

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